Thursday Night Football: Big defensive night for Dolphins in 22-10 win over Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins
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A 49-yard fumble return touchdown by cornerback Xavien Howard was the exclamation point on a standout effort from the defense of the Miami Dolphins in a 22-10 victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night.

Howard stripped Ravens wide receiver Sammy Watkins and picked up the loose ball, zigging his way through the Baltimore offense for the highlight of Miami’s night.

The Dolphins held Baltimore to just 10 points and sacked Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson four times on the night. The Ravens had managed just 153 yards of total offense through three quarters until they were playing from behind late. Baltimore scored on their opening drive of the game on a 46-yard Justin Tucker field goal and would not score again until 4:12 left in the game.

The Dolphins started the night with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback before a knee injury sidelined him early in the third quarter. Tua Tagovailoa, who was in the backup role only Thursday night because of a fractured finger, was forced into the lineup because of the injury to Brissett. But whether it was Brissett or Tagovailoa at the helm, the Dolphins offense was unable to provide much support on the scoreboard until late.

Three times on the night, the Dolphins moved the ball inside the Baltimore 5-yard line only for drives to stall. The only Dolphins offensive player to find the end zone in the first 57 minutes of action was right guard Robert Hunt, who caught a screen pass from Tagovailoa intended for Myles Gaskin and rumbled for a 6-yar score. However, Hunt was an ineligible receiver and the score would not count.

Jason Sanders converted field goal tries from 31, 22 and 29 yards as the Dolphins grabbed a 9-3 lead with 12:34 left to play.

The Howard touchdown gave the Dolphins a 15-3 lead after a failed two-point conversion attempt. Baltimore would finally find the end zone with just over four minutes left to play when Jackson hit Mark Andrews for a 5-yard touchdown. The Ravens were the beneficiaries of 35 yards in penalties on the drive with two roughing the passer penalties and a defensive holding call helping the efforts.

A 65-yard completion from Tagovailoa to Albert Wilson on a busted coverage from Baltimore was the catalyst for Miami to ice the game away. The fourth time proved to be the charm for the Dolphins offense inside the Ravens’ 5-yard line as Tagovailoa scored on a 1-yard quarterback sneak to seal the victory for Miami.

Justin Coleman intercepted Jackson in the end zone with 43 seconds left to cap the defensive effort for Miami.

Tagovailoa finished the night completing 8 of 13 passes for 158 yards and his 1-yard touchdown run. Brissett had completed 11 of 23 passes for 156 yards before exiting the game on the opening drive of the third quarter.

Jackson completed 26 of 43 passes for 238 yards with a touchdown and an interception for Baltimore.

45 responses to “Thursday Night Football: Big defensive night for Dolphins in 22-10 win over Ravens

  1. The Miami D was outstanding and Harbaugh and Martindale were clueless. Was Stevie Wonder calling the offensive plays for the Ravens?

  2. To recap the Ravens. The defense was bad. The offensive line was bad. The play calling was bad. The communication was bad. Lamar was bad. Sammy Watkins was bad. Tucker missed a field goal. What did I miss??

  3. Tua Tagovailoa QBR: 104.0
    Supposed MVP QBR: 73.6

    The Dolphins. LOL. They have three wins: Texans, Patriots, Ravens. They were definitely the better team tonight. They played great defense except for that long TD drive where the defense committed penalty after penalty after penalty.

  4. Folks might say this is the blueprint to beat the Ravens I’d say it was stupid playcalling. Ravens got into the red zone or near it twice in the opening quarter by running the ball afterwards they stopped. Fins took advantage of the Ravens stupidity.

  5. The team wearing the black and white stripes tried pretty hard to get the Ravens to the money line.
    Nobody can convince me of that not the case!!!

  6. This is proof that the old saying “Any Given Sunday (or Thursday)” means you don’t know how the game will go. My Cowboys lost Sunday and people acted like the sky was falling. It’s the NFL, teams do get upset sometimes. The sky is still up there.

  7. My Ravens put up a good fight to get to 6-2 with all the injuries. The Bengals game exposed us and we tweaked one out last week. But this team is done. I’d like to think a long week rest before Chicago will help but it won’t matter come week 12 because the schedule is brutal.

  8. Incredulous is the word I’m looking for . Can’t believe I burned my money.The Ravens Let me down…

  9. I love my Ravens, but man I’d love to have a squad that doesn’t overlook teams as much as they do. I feel like the sport pundits constantly talk up the team when they’re playing bad teams, but everyone in Maryland knows better because they always seem to fall flat against lower competition. I wonder if there’s a stat for showing when teams play down to their competition. I’m sure the Ravens would be near the top.

  10. Simple.

    Miami’s defense wasn’t on the field a extreme majority of the time.

    Also, Lamar struggled to diagnose and attack the Miami defense efficiently and consistently. Ogbah should be extended and Phillips/Holland are complimenting his efforts.

  11. Bring extra pressure almost every down and put the responsibility of defending on your high paid corners. This is what Miami should’ve been doing since the start. You have to credit the corners for being able to snuff out most plays by the Ravens WRs. Bringing extra pressure made Lamar flinch. You can do this to most QBs by bring extra pressure. Miami’s secondary held up. Hats off to Javon Holland who was just flying around. X got the fumble return for a TD but Holland looked like an actual 1st rounder. Waddle looks like the best pick in the past 10yrs for the Fins. He’s got heart and the ability to get the ball, even though undersized. Defensive football can be fun to watch, this is a rare occasion.

  12. prophessor4, what the Bills did and what the Dolphins just did was completely different. Bills played mainly a 3 deep shell with 8 in the box, and their front 4 completely dominated the Ravens OL. What the Dolphins did, in which the Bengals gave the blueprint, is Cover 0 5+ man blitz. Dolphins literally did it all night and the Ravens didn’t or couldn’t adjust. As Harbaugh said in the press conference, that falls on coaching. You have to make them pay for bringing their safeties all night. Lamar is to blame as well because he was not consistent with his accuracy. He was quite bad.

  13. What makes you think of an MVP more: a QB who can’t hit any wide open receivers, or a QB who throws a tantrum on the sidelines and cusses out all his receivers? That was atrocious. Lamar has now had 4 horrible games in a row. Can’t wait to see how the Ravens fans blame everyone else except him.

  14. Florio dismissively predicted “the Dolphins have their one win this month” before the game. Wrong again.

  15. In pretty sure Lamar will get 100% blame cause that’s what they want, but no blocking 0 blitz almost every play, Watkins missed a TD and gave another with a fumble, passes being dropped left and right that Andrew’s catch was overturned idk how when it wasn’t proven on video, But at the end of the day give it to the Dolphins they won this game flat out all Phases and out coaches the Ravens.

  16. The Ravens should be 3-6.
    –A gift from the refs in Detroit when they didn’t call ‘delay of game’ allowing Tucker to kick that 68 yard field goal that squeaked in with help from the crossbar.
    –Another gift from the refs against the Vikings when they called a ‘horse collar’ on a play where the defenders hand was nowhere near the collar allowing Tucker to kick a field goal that allowed the game to go to overtime.
    –A gift from the Gods when two easily makeable game winning field goals were derailed because the kicker hurt his leg.

  17. This whole blueprint nonsense is just ridiculous. Every NFL coach knows the “blueprint” to go against every style of offense. The things that actually make a difference are if you have the players who match up well against the scheme and then do they execute when called upon. Watching tonight the Dolphins defense was well coached but more importantly they executed way beyond the level they have up until this point. And Baltimore did not execute offensively. Just so tired of the this team has been found out nonsense!

  18. It became very apparent that heavy pressure is the way to confuse Lamar. Especially when defenders would drop out of the blitz. That confused him all night and that’s gonna be how you beat him

  19. What is happening in the NFL this season. We all thought the Steelers for dead and they are now in second place in their division, one game behind the Ravens. Dolphins are two games behind the Bills who many thought were a SB contender. This is one crazy year.

  20. Every good, or even great, team has a stinker gm or 2 during a 17-gm marathon. Bucs, Bills, Rams, etc all have or will experience. So hard for teams to only have a loss or two, any more. Ravens still should win AFCN w/ their habit of winning close gms.

  21. The Robert Hunt ‘Touchdown’ was all fun and games, but if he fumbles there and Baltimore recovers, nobody in Miami is laughing. There’s a reason linemen don’t handle the ball very often, even though the rules allow them to report to be eligible.

  22. MortimerInMiami says:
    November 11, 2021 at 11:52 pm
    The Dolphins gave the NFL the blueprint on how to shut down the Ravens offense!

    247 15 Rate This


    BB did it last year.

    Nice try. Flores just copied BB.

  23. People are acting like beating the Ravens is a rare thing. Last season they only won 1 game in November and may not have made the playoffs had they not got that miracle win vs Cleveland beginning of December. I mean they got their first playoff win of the Lamar era last season so they haven’t exactly been unstoppable.

  24. Not only is the race for the AFC championship wide open, but every division in it save the South is as well.

  25. The AFC is wide friggin open. With the exception of a couple of teams (Jags/Jets) anyone can get in the playoffs and win the conference.

  26. malcomreynolds says:
    November 12, 2021 at 8:54 am
    Not only is the race for the AFC championship wide open, but every division in it save the South is as well.


    The AFC South is pretty much done, unless the Titans collapse (knock on wood). Even if the Titans did not win another game, the colts would have to win 4 of their final 8. Looking at their schedule, it is pretty tough with the Bills, Bucs, Cardinals, Raiders and the Patriots remaining. And the Titans have the easiest schedule remaining of all NFL teams. Even without Derrick Henry, the Titans should be able to handle the Texans twice, the Jags at home, the 49ers at home and maybe beat the Saints this Sunday. Their two toughest remaining games are the Patriots and Steelers both on the road.

  27. It’s just laughable that Ravens fans are yet again blaming everyone else but Lamar. Yes, the entire Ravens team stunk in all phases. But your QB touches the ball the most and he was terrible. Missing wide open receivers as always. He can’t read defenses and has literally no idea what to do when pressure comes, other than tuck and run. And yet you’re still telling us he’s the MVP and he should bear no responsibility. Comical.

  28. I think the Vikings hanging 31 on them last week showed you how suspect the Ravens Defense was.
    But that Miami D was the story of this game.

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