49ers’ 23-34 record at Levi’s Stadium among worst home-field records ever

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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Home-field advantage has disappeared in the NFL, and that’s particularly evident in San Francisco — or Santa Clara, more accurately — where the 49ers are about as bad as any team has ever been on its home field.

Since moving into Levi’s Stadium in 2014, the 49ers are 23-34 in regular-season games there. According to the Associated Press, that home-field advantage ranks 73rd among 76 different stadiums where at least 25 home games have been played since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.

The only stadiums with a worse home-ream record than the 49ers’ .404 winning percentage at Levi’s Stadium are the Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium (.400), the Colts at the Hoosier Dome (.400) and the Buccaneers at Tampa Stadium (.393).

If the 49ers lose at home against the Rams on Monday night, they’d fall to a .397 winning percentage at Levi’s Stadium. And if they lose to the Rams and then lose their next home game, Week 12 against the Vikings, the 49ers will fall to a .390 winning percentage at Levi’s Stadium, which would be the worst ever.

11 responses to “49ers’ 23-34 record at Levi’s Stadium among worst home-field records ever

  1. Lol I know a guy who’s a big rams fan and he worked on the construction of this stadium. He told me he buried one of his Marshall Faulk jerseys in there and said he hoped it brings the niners bad luck. Maybe he knew what he was doing??

  2. When I think about the 49ers over the past two years, the phrase “worst ever” definitely comes to mind. Shanny and Lynch must go! Their most recent victory at home was in October… 2020!!!

  3. This has more to do with demographics than anything. Only the chardonnay sippers can afford seats.

  4. I’ve been to two games at the field of jeans. Both losses. The place definitely doesn’t have the same aura of greatness and winning that the stick had.

  5. After the ownership change the 49ers have been the worst franchise in the NFL with the exception of the glorious Harbaugh/Singletary era. Im including Singletary because he gave the 49ers an identity of being a Physical, Tough, Smart, Disciplined, and Relentless team before Harbaugh took over and led the 49ers to great heights,

    The home record doesnt surprise me. The problem with the Kyle Shanahan era is personnel decisions. Case in point:

    1. Kyle Does not throughly prepare for the draft. Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson were pretty much un-scouted thus the 49ers missed out on two elite franchise changing prospects because Kyle Shanahan was waiting for Kirk Cousins

    2. Kyle Shanahan is poor in roster management. He devalued Deforrest Buckner- a generational talent and interior pass rusher that caused disruption and mayhem in the interior line and only got ONE draft pick for him in which they used that pick to downgrade the DT position. Who does that? Thats just insane.

    3. Does not understand the draft board and value chart. He traded three first round picks to obtain a caliber of QB that he could have drafted at their original draft position. That move makes sense for generational talents like T Lawrence and Justin Fields, but not for any other QB in that draft.

    4. Too rigid in his thinking. Jimmy Garoppolo thrives in the New England Earnardt Perkins offensive system, yet the coach doesn’t implement its concepts and is forcing Jimmy into his offense. Also that rigid thinking led Kyle to say no to Tom Brady,

    The personnel decisions have been outrageous and amateur hour. This is the reason for the 49ers poor home record under Shanahan. I think Shanahan is an excellent coach, but personnel wise he’s amateur night. They cant even put together a roster that can sustain an 8 game season let alone 17 games..and its gonna take them 10-20 years to replace DeFo and they only got a first round pick for him. Amazing

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