Brian Flores: Health will factor into whether Tua Tagovailoa starts at QB in Week 11

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was healthy enough to play, but not healthy enough to start Thursday’s game against the Ravens with the fracture in the middle finger of his throwing hand.

Tagovailoa entered the game after Jacoby Brissett hurt his knee, completing 8-of-13 passes for 158 yards. That includes a key 64-yard pass to Albert Wilson that set up a 1-yard touchdown just before the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter.

But when head coach Brian Flores was asked about Tagovailoa starting the Dolphins’ Week 11 matchup with the Jets, Flores didn’t want to commit to anything yet — in large part because of Tagovailoa’s health. And Flores batted away the notion that Tagovailoa wasn’t playing due to performance.

“Jacoby was banged up [Thursday]. Same with Tua,” Flores said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “I thought Tua did a good job of fighting through discomfort. We all saw him bang his finger in the game. That’s what we kind of tried to avoid.

“This situation with Tua. I’ve said many times: He’s our quarterback. We try to protect players from themselves to try to avoid that situation with him banging his finger last night. We’ve got to take it day to day with both players and see how that goes.

“But this isn’t like, I think people are trying to turn this into a controversial situation where we don’t want a certain player to play. I try to look out for the best interests of the players individually, the team. All those things play a role in the decisions we make. That was the case last night.”

Just from the FOX broadcast, there were a few instances of individuals questioning why Tagovailoa didn’t start if he was available to play — and then performed as well as he did. Flores has insisted all season that Tagovailoa is Miami’s quarterback, so it stands to reason that he and not Brissett will face New York. But that apparently won’t be official until the Dolphins see him get through next week’s practices healthy.

5 responses to “Brian Flores: Health will factor into whether Tua Tagovailoa starts at QB in Week 11

  1. We have seen enough. Flores really does seem like a quality guy and coach (especially defensively). But he must know Tua is going to get him fired. Gotta move on man.

  2. I dont know what to make out of Tua. Hes shown flashes, but he also shown he looks like a backup QB. Thankfully I dont have to make these decisions.

  3. I say give Tua more time. Too much of the NFL is either win now or has the expectation that you add one piece you should win now. Seems so rare that teams actually try to rebuild beyond one year. There’s no patience and the teams keep taking more steps back with new coaches and new systems every 1-3 years rather than giving a coach a chance to work out their 5 year contracts. If the coach and system and plays still suck after 5 years, yeah, blow it up and start over.

    Writing off Tua already is stupidly premature and represents society’s ever pervasive immediate gratification mentality.



  4. As a Dolphin fan a couple of comments about Tua.
    1. Tua is a strong competitor. He could not throw a tight fast spiral yesterday and found a way to score by throwing deep and finding open receivers. (Deep balls travel more but do not require the same release velocity)
    2. When healthy, Tua can easily be a top 10 NFL QB. His accuracy (absent yesterday) is really good.
    3. But Tua is not healthy anywhere enough. His offensive line does not help but ultimately it is on the QB.
    I really like Tua. He has heart, is a great guy and a team player. I would love for him to be Miami’s starter the next 10 years.
    But I do not know whether a system can be developed to keep Tua healthy and hope someone finds out really soon before wasting 3-4 years on the process.

  5. As a dolphin fan and as someone who wasnt in love with tua , based on the way be played lastnight, he has to be out there, bc brissett is not very good and isnt the future. Tua needs to play these final 7 games and.c if he has what it takes

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