Cam Newton: “Irrelevant” how first stint with Panthers ended

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Cam Newton met the media on Friday for the first time since returning to the Panthers and the quarterback said he was “still floating” about the chance to return to the team that made him the first overall pick of the 2011 draft.

Newton remained with the team through the 2019 season, but was released in March 2020. That move was made a couple of months after head coach Matt Rhule was hired and Newton was asked if he spoke to Rhule about the way things played out in the past.

Newton said it was “irrelevant” whether there was a disconnect in the past and that he had an “unbelievable conversation” with Rhule about the coach’s expectations for him in his second tour of duty with the Panthers.

“To hell with feelings. It will be the biggest right [of a] wrong by winning games,” Newton said.

Newton may not get into this Sunday’s game against the Cardinals, but it shouldn’t be long before he’s given the chance to try to win some more games for the Panthers.

9 responses to “Cam Newton: “Irrelevant” how first stint with Panthers ended

  1. That sounds like code words for thank goodeness that someone is giving me a paycheque for below average play.

  2. I truly hope it works out for Cam.

    With the Pats he was always a class act, when released he continued to be a class act and he is 100% correct when he says there are not 32 QBs better then him…and that fact is on full display week in, week out.

    All the best to him…

  3. Irrelevant is code for, “I had this enormous ego and felt like the franchise would always choose me over some noob coach. I learned that was not the case. Now, I am making 1/10th of my salary then.”

  4. Hope this fairy tale can end with at least playoff berth. It’s doable.

    Cam is allround good dude. Was kind to Mac and was good mentor. Happy he got another shot to show he can still ball.

  5. Cam Newton is no fool, he knows this could be the best offensive talent that he has ever played with, and no better way to show that he is still capable of being a starting NFL QB going into free agency next year. I don’t know what some people were see in Cam’s play with the Pats last year but Cam showed that he can still throw the football even though he was throwing to the bottom of the league WRs, he can still run the football (500+ yards and 12 rushing TDs). And for anyone to say that Mac Jones beat out Cam Newton was not watching the game realistically…

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