Chandler Jones fined $10,300 for Freddie Joe Nunn T-shirt tribute

Phoenix Cardinals v New York Giants
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It’s almost expensive to pay tribute to a deceased player whose record you’ve broken as it is to blatantly and deliberately and repeatedly violate COVID protocols.

Cardinals linebacker Chandler Jones was fined $10,300 for lifting his jersey to display a T-shirt that paid tribute to the late Freddie Joe Nunn (pictured), after Jones broke Nunn’s franchise record for sacks on Sunday. In San Francisco, Jones picked up his 67th sack as a Cardinal, setting the new team record.

Nunn died October 16, at the age of 59. He’d held the franchise record for 29 years. Several members of Nunn’s family reached out to Jones after the game to let him know how much the gesture meant.

But, hey, uniform violations are uniform violations, as far as the NFL is concerned. (At least he wasn’t penalized for taunting.)

Earlier this week, the league ultimately fined Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers $14,650 for violating COVID protocols. The fine applied to one violation (attending the team’s Halloween party), even though he constantly and deliberately failed to wear a mask during indoor press conferences, in clear violation of the rules.

Thus, it cost only $4,350 less for Jones to honor Freddie Joe Nunn.

24 responses to “Chandler Jones fined $10,300 for Freddie Joe Nunn T-shirt tribute

  1. Typical NFL move from the head bozo Goodell, they should be more concerned with the quality of the referee’s in the NFL at this time I would rather have a ref from a high school game then the clowns they march out to officiate a NFL game

  2. Who is really in charge of these fines? He was paying respects to a former player, how is this wrong and worthy of a fine?

  3. Reminds me of the league cracking down on Cam Heyward for his “Iron Head” writing on his eye black honoring his father. Some things they should really just let go.

  4. Honor a former player in the organization with something tasteful in between plays for 5 seconds + 4K=endangering people and not being forthcoming at the kindest. Lying at harshest. They both earned money, they both had fined away. That’s just about the last thing in common between the two period.IMO

  5. Seriously…..they sound alot like Congress, who, instead of worrying about problems in our world, debates daylight savings time.

    It’s gonna cost Chubb a million to honor Jim Brown someday.

    Freaking idiotic.

  6. Following the NFL nowadays is masochistic. Football has been a part of my life since early childhood and with 24 hr sports news cycle, it’s a yearlong habit. But every year it becomes less & less enjoyable. Money, politics, rules changes, and egos have made NFL insufferable. I dread opening my browser now. What a shameful waste of a great past time.

  7. If people dont like the nfl rules and penalties for violating them then dont spend money on the nfl.dont buy ticket and attend games,dont watch on tv,dont have anything to do with the nfl.dont just complain and show disdain on meaningless websites,rise up and boycott the nfl.dare ya.

  8. Last year, I didn’t watch or follow any NFL except the super bowl, I didn’t miss it. This year I got back into it and tbh idk why, it’s all a mess. Stupid fines like this, bad officiating, weekly soap opera drama like the St. Louis and WFT situations, players like Ruggs being idiots, it’s almost difficult to find redeeming qualities about the league sometimes. Even Sundays aren’t as enjoyable with refs having so much influence over games.

  9. Chandler is to be Honored and Recognized for being a class act… Heads need to roll within the NFL corporate offices. This is a responsibility for all of the team owners to address. Silence is compliance.

  10. Player does something awesome that actually makes the NFL look good for once… NFL HQ fines player 10k. Can’t make this stuff up…

  11. OMG.. a football player (not a Dr. or politician or actuary or scientist) wears a tee shirt supporting… whatever…. Please fine him immediately, he is affecting the world. Great work Roger

  12. Wait, so it’s 10k to honor a former member of the franchise who’s sacks record you just broke who just died acouple weeks before. But it’s only 14k to put the entire staff’s of every team Rodgers faced in danger of getting covid because he lied so he didn’t have to wear a mask?

    Goodell has to go.

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