Dolphins are in decent position to make a run

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins entered the season with high expectations, thanks to a 10-win season in 2020. A Week One win at New England validated the belief that Miami could make a real run.

Then came seven straight losses, sparking talk of major changes after the 2021 campaign ends. Sunday’s win over the Texans meant nothing; a blowout loss to Baltimore certainly was coming.

And then it didn’t. With coach Brian Flores apparently determined to avoid a repeat of the 59-10 loss to the Ravens in the first game of his career, the Dolphins drew up a blitz-heavy, go-for-broke effort to slow the Ravens down. It worked.

So where are the Dolphins in the aftermath of their most impressive performance of the year? The schedule lines up favorably through Christmas.

After the mini-bye following Thursday night’s win, the Dolphins visit the Jets. Then, the team literally will be home for the holidays. From Thanksgiving week through the day after Christmas, they’ll never leave town.

Two home games — Panthers and Giants — followed by a bye and a visit from the Jets. If (and given this nuttiest of NFL seasons it’s a big if) the Dolphins can win the next four, they’ll enter a Week 16 Monday night game at New Orleans at 7-7. Yes, a final stretch of Saints, Titans, and Patriots could see 7-7 become 7-10 But it doesn’t matter how things end. What matters is that the Dolphins have a chance to be relevant past Thanksgiving. The more teams that fall into this category, the better off the NFL is.

Five days ago, the Dolphins had no chance to be relevant past Thanksgiving. By tripling in four days their entire 2021 win total through eight games, they now can be.

It continues in nine days, with the last road trip before five weeks of hunkering down at home for a chance to make an unlikely assault on the No. 7 seed.

16 responses to “Dolphins are in decent position to make a run

  1. The defense looked good enough to win the AFC.

    The offense looked like it would struggle to score 10 points in the Wild Card Round.

  2. Thanks for giving us hope down here in Miami, but until we get Franchise Quarterback & Running Back situated it’s gonna be rough. Russell Wilson & Ezekiel Elliot would make the biggest of difference! They have capital to acquire both.

  3. With a healthy Parker and Fuller and some continued growth from Tua and OL this team will be
    formidable down the stretch as long as the D continues it’s strong play.

  4. Kabeer, ‘don’t call me Teddy’ KGB says:
    November 12, 2021 at 10:22 am

    The defense looked good enough to win the AFC.

    The offense looked like it would struggle to score 10 points in the Wild Card Round.

    They played a gimmick defense that a decent qb should have been able to bust wide open!

  5. That defense was impressive. They were everywhere and there was urgency at every position. As a Washington fan, I was struck by how lazy that defense is compared to how the Dolphins played. If that Dolphin defense can keep this up, they could be scary if they get into the playoffs. Now that offense is not particularly good, but if it can just not have turnovers, they will be okay.

    Baltimore needs to seriously change their one trick pony fixation. Putting everything through Lame is getting stale. When the Dolphins to remove your silly pony from being able to do anything, you know you have lost your mojo.

  6. The Dolphins have one of the worst offensive lines in NFL history, they won’t win more than 5 games.

  7. I miss something? Standings still say they are 3-7. Their quarterbacks are terrible. That’s not “in a decent position to make a run”.

  8. Future TE Robert Hunt scoring a TD was the best thing for the team. If he bats the pass to the ground, it’s 4th down from the 6. A score forces BAL to take the illegal touching penalty and sets up 3rd and goal from the 11. I assume that’s what Hunt was thinking when he was toasting and roasting defenders.

  9. I’ve been a die-hard dolphins fan for the last 899 games not including preseason. I don’t for one minute expect them to make a playoff run this year, not after losing 7 straight games. If they do it, that would have to be one of the most bizarre things to ever occur to this team. But knowing their history, it’s highly doubtful.

  10. Are you kidding? This team cannot win four games in a row. I don’t care who they’re playing.

  11. I beg to differ . Even a broken clock gets the right time twice a day/night. The Dolphins will be extremely lucky to finish above .500.

  12. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Dolphins could possibly be in a better situation if they could’ve best the Jags, Colts, and Raiders. They’ve dug themselves this hole. Kinda hard to generate excitement when regardless of the record, the Ravens don’t particularly look like a playoff team themselves.

  13. “With a healthy Parker and Fuller…”
    As a Dolphin fan I am really happy when EITHER Parker or Fuller are in the active list.
    Having both at the same time would be like winning the big prize in the lottery.
    Agree with the rest of the statement.

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