Dolphins safeties blitzed more than any defensive backs since 2015

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins’ strategy on Thursday night involved blitzing their safeties at a rate we haven’t seen in years.

According to Next Gen Stats, Dolphins safeties Jevon Holland and Brandon Jones blitzed a combined 38 times during Miami’s 22-10 win over the Ravens. Those blitzes sometimes came on the same play and Miami wound up sending defensive backs on 24 of the 48 plays when Jackson dropped back to pass.

It’s the most defensive back blitzes for any team this season and the most defensive back blitzes by any team since Next Gen Stats came into existence at the start of the 2016 season. After the game, the Ravens said they expected that approach from Miami’s defense but, as tight end Mark Andrews noted, they didn’t handle it well.

“Zero is one of those things where you have to make them pay,” Andrews said, via the Ravens website. “I don’t think early on we did that enough. That’s one of the things, you make them pay early on, they kind of get out of that.”

Until the Ravens show they can handle safety blitzes, it’s likely that they’ll continue to see them on a regular basis in the weeks to come.

12 responses to “Dolphins safeties blitzed more than any defensive backs since 2015

  1. It’s a team game…pass catchers have to get open…BUT…the QB has to find them. Last night it looked to me not just like Lamar got exposed; it looked like the whole offense got exposed.

  2. There is no blueprint to stop Jackson but you can do things to limit him, and make him get rid of ball. Harbaugh is sure to make adjustments, but will that be enough to win most gms? Still see Ravens winning AFCN.

  3. Why not blitz? Lamar can’t read a defense and struggles if his 1st read is covered…. He looked absolutely lost out there….and a good number of his throws were nowhere closed to catchable

  4. Smart plan. Jackson can often sidestep/evade DTs and LBs in the backfield. He was unable to do that against more nimble DBs.

  5. Every time I turn on the TV I have to listen to what a complete QB Lamar is but yet he can’t figure out how to dice up a defense without safeties to cover over the top? He can’t change his protection to account for said blitzing safeties? If somebody dared try this on Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or even Matt Stafford, they would throw for 600 yards.

  6. It was pure joy watching Lame get disrespected like he did. His lack of mental ability was on full display as he couldn’t process the field in his lazy way as he usually did – he was forced to making decisions immediately which is something he is incapable of doing. He folded under pressure. His kryptonite has been found. Blitz him and form a pocket around him and he is a nothing burger that is shockingly over his head. When he can’t run for many yards, he gets mentally shell-shocked. He acts like he is being denied his entitled running lanes. It was delicious watching him throw temper tantrums on the sidelines.

  7. Baltimore can be certain they’re going to be seeing more of this. They’d better come up with an answer in a hurry.

    I remember in Vick’s otherwordly season with the Eagles, the Giants and Vikings started the trend of blitzing slot corners at him, and it greatly slowed the offense for the last part of the season.

    I’m sure it’s a huge luxury as a playcaller to have a quarterback who can evade blitzers, but at some point, you need to start using tools that traditional pocket passers use: hot reads, setting extra blockers, designing plays to move the quarterback away from the blitz to buy another second, etc.

  8. I love guys like guitarkevin and nite2al posting yet again about how everyone else BUT Lamar was to blame for the loss. Tell you what: I won’t blame Lamar when he plays as horribly as he did last night if he corrects his weak and inaccurate sidearm throwing motion, learns how to read defenses, learns what a hot route is, stops blaming his WRs and O line on the sidelines, and starts to be an actual QB who steps up in the pocket when it collapses instead of tucking and running, and completes throws outside the numbers into tight coverage. Because that’s what good QBs do when their teams need them to. Yes, he is a fantastic running back and athlete, but he’s a terrible thrower and has never bothered to learn how to decipher a defense and know where to throw the ball when he has to make a throw in crunch time.

  9. I hate the Ravens. But even with as much as Miami dominated in the first 3 quarters. Lamar almost willed them to a win. Jackson is having a great year and should be in the running for League MVP.

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