Jerry Jones on the Jon Gruden emails: That is not prevalent in the NFL

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The latest episode of Back on the Record with Bob Costas, premiering tonight at 11:00 p.m. ET on HBO, includes an interview with Jerry Jones. Costas, among other things, asks Jones whether the emails sent by former Raiders coach Jon Gruden reflect attitudes that are prevalent in the NFL.

“At the risk — at the risk — of pointing toward Jon, and I don’t want to do that, he’s a friend of mine,” Jones said. “But what I will tell you is that there is not that type of issue prevalent in the NFL, and I can speak to that directly.”

But can he really do that? What does he actually know about how people in the NFL communicate when no one else is looking?

If asked whether Gruden would have sent horribly racist, homophobic, transphobic, and/or misogynistic emails to former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen or anyone else before those emails came to light, Jones surely would have said that Gruden would never do that.

But he did. So it’s difficult if not impossible for Jones to sweep with a broad brush in suggesting that Gruden was the aberration — especially as the NFL continues to refuse to produce the balance of the 650,000 documents from which the Gruden emails came.

That continues to be the best way to prove that Gruden was an outlier. Produce all of the emails and let us see for ourselves that no other poison lurked within those pages.

10 responses to “Jerry Jones on the Jon Gruden emails: That is not prevalent in the NFL

  1. So Jon Gruden believes he can scare the NFL into a quick settlement. Gruden’s lawyers are basically making the threat that with filing this lawsuit that all or even some of the 650,000 additional emails will be made public during a trial.

    I’m no lawyer. But it’s possible Gruden’s lawyers argument goes like this. We believe that our client was wrongfully terminated. We will prove this type of behavior is common place and tolerated in the NFL.

    Here comes a conspiracy for you guys.. Doesn’t anybody else think it’s odd that these emails leaked right before the players association voted on its President? Its possible that the NFL wanted Demaurice Smith to stay the Players Association President. These racist emails were leaked on purpose to change the Players Association vote from a question of if they think Demaurice Smith is doing a good job for the Players Association. To a vote for Demaurice Smith is a vote against racism. I personally believe the NFL likes Smith as the players association President. And leaked these emails to help him stay the President.

  2. i dont want gruden back, the raiders are playing better without his playcalling but if i was him i would sue too…i hope he wins bigly…

  3. It’s so bizarre, the standard by which we judge people. Ray Lewis can kill a guy and AP can beat a child bloody, but as long as they don’t use bad words it’s ok…

  4. What’s not prevalent? e-mail? Why would this guy think he has any credibility on issues like this? We’ve read about the stuff the 90’s Cowboys did and tolerated.

  5. I’ve played enough GTA5 to know that this is a cover up 🙂 Eliminate the witnesses and return the dossier to Lesters warehouse.

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