Joe Brady: Everything’s on the table for Cam Newton Sunday

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Cam Newton took part in his first practice with Panthers since 2019 on Friday and the quarterback will be heading to Arizona with the team for Sunday’s road game against the Cardinals.

The expectation is that P.J. Walker will be starting at quarterback for the Panthers in that game, but the Panthers aren’t going to eliminate the possibility that Newton will see the field for the first time in the 2021 season. Offensive coordinator Joe Brady left the door open for Newton to take some snaps in Week 10 when he spoke to reporters on Friday.

“Everything’s on the table right now,” Brady said, via Anthony Rizzuti of “We’ll kinda evaluate from a day-to-day standpoint, without getting into specifics. And we’ll see what today brings, kinda how things progress. Just be ready to rock on Sunday and see how things go.”

The Panthers didn’t sign Newton to sit on the bench and we’ll find out in a couple of days if his limited time back in Carolina is enough to have him ready for game action right away.

13 responses to “Joe Brady: Everything’s on the table for Cam Newton Sunday

  1. Well his first career game was in Arizona…why not? I still remember that 77-yard bomb to Steve Smith.

  2. Shoulda jumped on the ball during the Super Bowl. They’ll be lucky to be 8-9 by the end of the year.

  3. distractions, distractions! unbelievable. the nfl is turning into the WWE more drama than substinance

  4. Ya right. Carolinas coaching staff isn’t fooling anyone, there is zero chance Newton plays fresh off the street. Newton doesn’t know the offense and isn’t in football shape, not to mention he was signed well after they began implementing this weeks game plan.

    If Newton does play it’s not like he’s some huge threat at QB, Newton is washed up which is why he was at home on the couch in mid November. Newton has a noodle arm and can no longer push the ball down field, his shoulder injury a few years ago basically ruined his career.

    PJ Walker is definitely going to play and I expect a few turnovers outta Walker as he is going to take a beating behind Carolinas terrible OL going up against an elite defense that is stacked with talent at all 3 levels of the defense ranking top 3 in both scoring defense n offense. AZ is secondary is loaded with elite caliber talent and they have one of the best pass rushs in the league up front, I think Walker is going to be under a ton of pressure come Sunday.

  5. I guess we are just going to forget how Cam played with the Patriots and just pretend it’s 2015 again?

    Got it.

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