John Harbaugh: We weren’t prepared, and that’s on me

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins
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The last time the Ravens played the Dolphins in Miami, Baltimore won, 59-10. This time, it didn’t quite go the same way.

After a 22-10 loss to Miami on Thursday night, Ravens coach John Harbaugh took the full blame for the outcome.

“Hats off to the Dolphins,” Harbaugh told reporters. “They played a very good football game. Outcoached us, outplayed us, and won the football game. So bottom line is this falls squarely on me as the head coach. We were not not prepared the way we need to be prepared. Our schemes weren’t up to snuff. And we weren’t prepared to execute the way we needed to. So that’s it. Not on one player. Our players played their hearts out. They worked hard all week. They did everything we could to be prepared, and just weren’t ready. That’s on me.”

Baltimore fell to 6-3 on the season. If 5-3 Pittsburgh beats the Lions on Sunday, the Steelers will move into a tie for first place in the AFC North.

Not long ago, it seemed like the Ravens would run away with the division. Now, they’re in a fight.

They get some extra time for their next game, a trip to Chicago to face the Bears. The final seven games include two against the Steelers, two against the Browns, and matchups against the Packers, Rams, and Bengals. Thus, the Ravens have their work cut out for them, if they have designs on punching a ticket to the postseason that previously seemed like a foregone conclusion.

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  1. You don’t say? The Fins defense had Lamar seeing Sam Darnold type ghosts out there. Offense was terrible but good game by the Fins defense. They made Lamar look like postseason Lamar in the middle of the season. Hats off to the defense.

  2. The Dolphins just showed how to beat Lamar with ease. They blitzed on pretty much every play and dared Lamar to beat them with his arm. Lamar has neither the arm to make the throws nor the mind to decipher the defense pre-snap.

  3. You kept Lamar’s TD streak alive though, John. Since all you care about is pointless records, you probably left Miami with your head held high.

  4. You know who else apparently wasn’t prepared? Your QB. You know, the one all you Ravens fans have been telling us is the MVP of this season and the greatest thing we’ve ever seen. He’s now played 4 bad games in a row. This was yet again another performance of missing wide open receivers and not knowing what to do under pressure. But at least this time he threw a tantrum on the sideline as well. Can’t wait to hear Ravens fans blame everyone else but their QB.

  5. Miami has professional coaches and players, too. Hats off to Tua for giving just enough toughness and the defense for a smothering performance!

  6. Well it wasn’t because the refs didn’t try to help the Ravens out. The 2 roughing the QB calls against the Dolphins was criminal.

  7. Hey, John. Can you say “Perhaps we were a little too big for our britches”?

    Honestly, your team sucked tonight. The Ravens never mentally even got off the bus. You made the Bills losing to the Jags look good.

  8. They should be 3-6.
    –A gift from the refs in Detroit when they didn’t call ‘delay of game’ allowing Tucker to kick that 68 yard field goal that squeaked in with help from the crossbar.
    –Another gift from the refs against the Vikings when they called a ‘horse collar’ on a play where the defenders hand was nowhere near the collar allowing Tucker to kick a field goal that allowed the game to go to overtime.
    –A gift from the Gods when two easily makeable game winning field goals were derailed because the kicker hurt his leg.

  9. Not a John Harbaugh fan, but I give him full credit for taking responsibility for the loss.

  10. 6-3 and if not for the late magic vs lions chiefs and viking could easily be 3-6.

    This team has been getting ouch coached week after week but Lamar and the offense have bailed out Harbaugh more often then not.

  11. I’m getting sick and tired of coaches being the scapegoats for these pampered players.

  12. Ravens legit should be 2-7….. Maybe its on Harbaugh that he didnt slip the refs enough money to give him this game like he did vs. the lions, colts, chiefs, and vikings.

  13. Harbs & Co deserve blame but not for being unprepared but instead for poor decisions. Let’s start with the Leveon Bell experiment, when will that end? When will a coach teach PQ how to tackle low (that includes tackling a ball on the ground)? Anyone could see the ridiculous defense Miami was running and how to defeat it, max protect Lamar and send the two fastest guys out with one instruction, “get open”. Finally, it has become quite apparent Baltimore has the slowest Defense in the NFL, unable to track down just about anyone carrying the rock. Where’s Ozzie when we need him, he knows how to fix this. Thank God for Lamar, Tucker, and Josh Bynes, otherwise this team could be winless.

  14. Let’s be clear… Ravens like every other winning team looks past Miami on the schedule, Baltimore WAS prepared, just for next weeks game

  15. You were prepared. You figured that Miami would just roll over and fall for your unethical and unprofessional deceit of using a running back as a quarterback and they’d lay off your precious eight IQ point running back.

    Well, sir, they went after your precious like there was no tomorrow and they dared him to pass – and well – we got to see that this guy is a complete and utter fraud.

    You were just lucky the Dolphins played Jalopy Briskett for two quarters. He has no business being in the NFL and is a slow-footed statue of a passer. When you actually had to deal with someone with a quicker release, your pathetic defense was exposed as the fraud they are.

    You were prepared. You figured you would get a cheap one. You should have lost three more games this season and the Dolphins weren’t going to give you a fourth try to escape the mediocrity that is your team.

  16. The Browns’ loss to the Steelers really looks big now. They really “dropped” a great opportunity in that game.

  17. Isn’t a little early for the Ravens to choke? Usually they wait till the playoffs to tank.Lol

  18. That may be true, but the team is flawed by design as long as Jackson’s defensive reads are so slow. Otherwise as this season has shown by the narrow margin of their wins, they simply aren’t that good. Because that defence isn’t good enough to stop anyone and is shockingly adept in giving up huge pass plays on a consistent basis.

  19. I’m not sure Flores will survive this season, but that looks like one heckuva defense he is building.

    Holland looks like the next great centerfielder.

  20. Would be nice to hear this from Sean McDermott in Buffalo, but he can’t ever make a comment about being out coached or unprepared without throwing blame at players in the same breath.

  21. They need a running back. The threat of running game was gone and Lamar is a QB not running back. 6-3 is probably about right for this team and making the postseason will be hard just like it is every year for the Ravens. But they always find a way to figure it out. Congrats to TUA and the dolphins. Bears better beware.

    Gonna be a fun second half!

  22. We know from history how emotional the Ravens got in advance of playing the Brady-led Patriots. They were super-prepared in every way. But are we now to believe they scale their level of preparation to the opponent so that maybe a Thursday nighter against a 2-7 team that recently lost to a winless Jaguars team gets zero attention ahead of the contest?

  23. “Not a John Harbaugh fan, but I give him full credit for taking responsibility for the loss.”

    Its a strange thing to see. Usually after a loss like this a Harbaugh presser consists of one long WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA

  24. irishdude79 says:
    Now if the other Harbaugh loses it will be a good weekend.

    On that note, are there any coaches in football that get a bigger pass than those regular-season savants the Harbaugh brothers?
    Both have had some success, to be sure. But Jim could never win the big one with a loaded 49ers team, and he’s been an underachieving embarrassment at Michigan. The Wolverines are ranked highly this year, but watch them get throttled by Ohio State (yet again), and possibly another Big Ten team before it’s all over.
    John won a Lombardi nine seasons ago with an unbelievable defense, but had the benefit of playing an opponent that came out ultra-flat thanks to his brother’s inability to have his players prepared for the biggest game of their careers. Since then the Ravens have been good and occasionally great in the regular season, but below-average at best in the playoffs.
    I guess it would be easier to overlook their weaknesses if Johnny and Jimmie didn’t so often act like entitled jerks who (think they) know more than everyone else, and who behave as though referees, opposing coaches, the NFL and much of the free world are always out to get them.

  25. Ravens fans: what happened to your MVP QB? Did the sun get in his eyes? I know, the O line stunk, the WRs stunk, the TEs stunk, the playcalling stunk, and the refs stunk– but Lamar played great just like always, right? It wasn’t like he side-armed throws into the ground to wide open receivers, threw a pick in the red zone, looked clueless trying to read the Dolphins D, and panicked under pressure and scrambled and took about 6 sacks… I mean, he’s always the best player on the field so no way this loss had anything to do with him.

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