Ron Rivera on Cam Newton: Good for him; it’s an opportunity to play where he started

Carolina Panthers v Cleveland Browns
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Carolina and Washington will meet a week from Sunday for what will likely be Cam Newton‘s first start back with the franchise.

That means he’ll be facing many of his former coaches who are now a part of Washington’s staff, including head coach Ron Rivera.

Rivera will likely get plenty of questions about his former QB next week. But he was asked in his Friday press conference whether he’d talked with Newton and his thoughts on the quarterback’s return to the organization.

“I haven’t communicated with him, but good for him,” Rivera said. “It’s an opportunity to play where he started.”

Newton was Rivera’s first draft pick as a head coach back in 2011. The head coach-quarterback duo won the 2015 conference championship before falling to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50. Newton was also the MVP that season.

Newton has a chance to be active for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals, with current Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady saying that everything is on the table.

4 responses to “Ron Rivera on Cam Newton: Good for him; it’s an opportunity to play where he started

  1. Man, sometimes I feel bad for Ron. Hopefully one day he can win the big one, because if there’s a Coach who deserves to, it’s him.

  2. I’ll read between the lines for Ron” “and thank God I don’t have to babysit him and apologize for his childish, narcissistic antics ever again! Thanks, suckers, for removing him from the conversation as an option for me any longer!

  3. I can see it coming.

    Cam starts against that terrible WFT defense and lights them up.

    Everyone claims that “Cam is back.”

    Then he’ll have to play against any defense that is not WFT and we’ll see, “no he actually does stink.”

  4. Gotta keep it bland. Overplayed Cam with a bad shoulder and left him hanging when he could have picked him up for a backup QB role.

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