Four years later, Jerry Jones defends Roger Goodell’s compensation package

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In 2017, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fought a contract extension for Commissioner Roger Goodell. Today, Jones is singing a different tune.

Appearing on HBO’s Back on the Record with Bob Costas, Jones was asked whether Goodell is worth the $64 million per year that he reportedly gets.

“I think this,” Jones told Costas. “Certainly those numbers on the face of them are large numbers. Roger has been an excellent commissioner. I might say that back when years ago when I first came in the league they would be big numbers. I don’t know for sure what a man of your talent was making back then. But I know we could look at where we are today, and those numbers have increased a lot during that time. So everything has gotten more as opposed to maybe what we’ve looked at in the past. But I think this. I think that Roger Goodell has done an outstanding job as Commissioner of the NFL.”

Jones has come a long way, then, from thinking that the league pays Goodell too much. And that was long before Goodell cracked the $60 million per year barrier.

Still, it’s fair to wonder what Goodell would be doing, and how much he would be making, if he wasn’t the Commissioner of the NFL. It’s also fair to wonder whether the NFL could find someone else to do the job just as well for a lot less.

Then again, and as became very clear late last month when Goodell took the heat at a press conference for the league’s stubborn refusal to embrace transparency as to the Washington Football Team investigation, Goodell is paid in large part to take arrows that otherwise would be aimed at the owners. At $2 million per year per team, it is indeed money very well spent.

24 responses to “Four years later, Jerry Jones defends Roger Goodell’s compensation package

  1. Goodwill has intimate knowledge of the inner circle of owners so he is being paid to keep his mouth shut!

  2. 2 million per team doesn’t sound terrible.
    But even if Roger is making the owners happy, you have to believe someone else could make the owners and fans happy. Roger has zero panache, and having the face of your business be booed mercilessly is a bad look.

  3. Spoiler: Jerry fighting against giving him a new contract had nothing to do with his compensation regardless of what he said at the time

  4. It’s just delusional to think someone else couldn’t do the same job.

    He’s been caught lying in federal courts 3 different times. Can’t name another commissioner in sports history who has that
    smear on their resume or protecting wifebeaters either.

    And, not sure I can name a commissioner other than Bud Selig, now being investigated by Congress for comsumer fraud and other abuses.

    Yes, what a great job he’a done. He’s borderline criminal
    for crying out loud and probably is.

    And, he doesn’t get credit for the internet or the rise of fantasy football. Both things were in existence and happening before he cupcaked into the position.

    Pats fans know why the puke was hired by Woody Johnson. Everyone should know and if Gruden gets to discovery with his lawsuit, hotshot Jerrah is going to look awfully dumb.

  5. Paying someone a fortune to slowly destroy the league. Is the NFL just a giant Brewster’s Millions tax dodge?

  6. weepingjebus says:
    November 13, 2021 at 9:28 pm
    Paying someone a fortune to slowly destroy the league. Is the NFL just a giant Brewster’s Millions tax dodge?

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    Bonus points for the Brewster’s Millions reference.

    Jerrah seems to think he’ll be respected when he’s 6 feet under and he has more money in the bank than other owners and he probably thinks it gives him a clear path to heaven. This is how these creepy people think.

  7. I think it’s possible the upcoming blockbuster of a legal scene Jon Gruden is making, that at the very least Roger Goodell is OUT. I wouldn’t be shocked if at the end of the disclosure of what’s coming, the NFL could actually go away. It could be dissolved. Laugh if you want but Jon is going to force open a can of worms that can’t be closed. Roger should have found a better way of deflecting attention from his buddy Dan Snyder.

  8. What Goodell would be doing if he wasn’t the commissioner of the NFL? He’d be in the halls of Congress. Wouldn’t be making as much money…

  9. Roger is the NFL’s “fixer.” There is a ton of nasty stuff that fans never hear about because Goodell is adept at sweeping under the rug silently. It’s naïve to believe otherwise.

  10. You guys screamed that the 2020 NFL Draft should’ve been postponed. Goodell said, “No, we’re moving forward.” The draft was wildly successful.

    You guys screamed the 2020 football season would crash and burn. Goodell said, “No, we’re going to institute Covid protocols and do our best.” As fans, we got ALL 256 games and playoffs. The 2020 season was wildly successful.

    You guys screamed Goodell would kill football and lose fans in droves. Yet under Goodell’s watch, NFL is more popular THAN EVER, while network tv shows and other sports leagues are bleeding viewership like crazy.

    Yeah, Goodell is worth every penny the owners pay him.

  11. Roger Goodell is a stiff, wooden dolt who does what he is told by clowns like Jerry Jones. That Jones now defends this emptyheaded puppet should surprise no one. Goodell’s total ineptitude has been apparent to anyone over the age of four for about a decade now.

    Goodell is easily the worst commissioner the NFL has seen in its 100+ year history. And it’s not close.

  12. Goodell isn’t everyone’s problem, it’s the owners.

    The league office has lurched to social demands. Catering to every whim of the bi coastal elite.

    What more do the upper NE and WC need from Goodell?

    He’s just doing his job. Don’t like it? Picket your individual owners.

    I got enough issues with Ross.

  13. November 14, 2021 at 8:03 am
    No one , and I mean NO ONE, is worth 64 mil a year!!!
    Well, when you are closing in on $25 BILLION in revenue a year, some may disagree. It is all relative. I don’t like the man, but facts are facts

  14. Goofy as he may be, Jerry Jones knows money!! So, if he says he’s okay with Roger’s salary, I believe it’s okay.

  15. He’s a great commissioner. A lot of you simply don’t know what he’s paid to do. Hint: it’s about the money.

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