Jerry Jones on Stan Kroenke: “He doesn’t back away” from his obligations

Divisional Round - Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
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The fight between the NFL and St. Louis has sparked an important collateral battle between Rams owner Stan Kroenke and his partners over whether Kroenke will be on the hook for the final settlement or judgment in the Rams relocation action.

Appearing on Friday’s Back on the Record with Bob Costas on HBO, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones — a Kroenke ally — took issue with the notion that Kroenke is trying to back away from his commitment to his partners.

“Let me say this about Stan,” Jones sai. “He doesn’t back away. He’s made a tremendous, a huge contribution to sports and to the NFL. And so we’re into the issues of contention here, and obviously it’s litigation and so I’m not going to be able to comment specifically about it. But make no mistake about it. Just as St. Louis is a fabulous, great city, Stan Kroenke is a man of principle.”

Jones is able to try to thread the needle for Kroenke (although many in St. Louis would reasonably disagree on the “man of princple” thing) because the indemnity agreement from which backing away was drafted in a way that he’s not really backing away from anything. The indemnity language arguably encompasses litigation costs and attorney’s fees, not the final price of resolution.

Of course, if Kroenke succeeds, Jones will be on the hook for 1/32nd of the total cost of settlement or judgment. He’ll likely make all of that back and a lot more on top of it, however, given the money that his Legends Hospitality company will generate from its partnership with Kroenke’s L.A. venue.

8 responses to “Jerry Jones on Stan Kroenke: “He doesn’t back away” from his obligations

  1. This is from an article by Bernie Miklasz on April 21, 2010 in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Miklasz wrote “Kroenke is bothered by the perception that he’d work against St. Louis, or that he’d scheme to move the Rams back to Los Angeles. He pointed to a life spent largely inside Missouri borders, and his base in Columbia, Mo.

    “I’m born and raised in Missouri,” Kroenke said. “I’ve been a Missourian for 60 years. People in our state know me. People know I can be trusted. People know I am an honorable guy.”

    Kroenke can’t be trusted nor is he an honorable guy in my opinion. The other 31 NFL owners will soon realize that he will burn them just like he did St. Louis and Missouri.

  2. Let’s see how happy Jerrah is when he has to break out the checkbook. The special checks with extended places to write down numbers because the check amount is so large.

  3. What the heck is that loon talking about, kroenke tried to back out of his payments for relocation recently? I guess you don’t have to be smart to be a millionaire just dirty!

  4. I just don’t get the 2nd and 3rd generational owners…..all about the green. The ORIGINAL owners yes, wanted to make a profit , BUT they wanted to see the GAME of football to grow and be great. We’ve so lost that.

  5. He’s right, Stan doesn’t back away, he turns around and SPRINTS in the opposite direction.

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