Mac Jones not fined for grabbing Brian Burns’ ankle


Patriots quarterback Mac Jones was not penalized for grabbing Panthers defensive end Brian Burns‘ ankle and rolling him to the ground after Burns stripped Jones of the ball in last Sunday’s game, but Burns’ teammate Haason Reddick called it a “completely dirty” play that he hoped the league would address with a fine.

Reddick’s wish was not granted. According to multiple reports, Jones was not fined for a play that should have been penalized for holding during the game.

Jones was upset about the way Burns celebrated a sack when the two players faced each other in high school, but said that his actions last Sunday were because he was shaking off a hard hit and thought Burns had the ball. The ball was actually nowhere near the two men as Panthers linebacker Frankie Luvu had recovered it and returned it 11 yards away from where Jones was sacked.

Burns said he thought an apology from Jones would be nice but Jones declined to offer one. Burns also wished his fellow defensive ends “happy hunting” against the Patriots rookie and Myles Garrett of the Browns will be on the prowl this Sunday.

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  1. Absolutely nothing here. Burns was trying to make a play. His team had the ball and Burns wanted to help get them into the end zone by whatever means necessary. Jones had a hold of him, and he did what came natural. He tried to spin his way out. He thought it would be easy because Jones didn’t have that firm of a grip on him. The twisting was done by Burns. Not Jones.

  2. It drives me crazy how there is not one mention of Rhamondre Stevenson being kicked in the head when he was taken out of the game for his concussion. No penalty. No fine. All we hear about from this game is some ankle grabbing.

  3. Don’t recall a defensive lineman ever publicly asking for an apology from a QB, let alone for a play that wasn’t flagged or fined. Somehow, I just can’t picture a plea from Deacon Jones.

  4. Nor should be. Mortifying this was even a topic.

    Burns jumped up in the air and flopped down like a soccer player apparently thinking he could draw a penalty, when what Jones did (holding a player on a live fumble) is completely legal.

    This “twisting” nonsense was induced by Burns.

  5. Has that squishy Carolina defense stopped crying yet?
    Geez, you’d think we were talking about the Colts.

  6. If Burns had tackled Jones that way he’d have been penalized, fined, and maybe suspended. But since Jones is the twister instead of the twistee (and the Pat’s QB to boot) we’ll just let it slide.
    Seriously, that had the potential to be a season ending injury. That’s why it’s an automatic flag if a defender twists a QBs leg. Guess defensive ankles aren’t worth as much.

  7. Vasteelerfan says:
    November 13, 2021 at 4:35 pm
    Hey, Bill said it was ok and the league let’s him do what he wants.

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    Yeah, that makes sense, dummy. The league hired Goodell specifically to harrass and cheat the Pats at every turn available, and you’re trying to claim BB controls 345 Park Ave.

    I suppose there is no pandemic and the Easter Bunny bounces by your house in the sprig every year, too.

  8. Happy hunting , what happens if someone now takes a cheap shot at him. I guess this is why they tried to clamp down on taunting

  9. Vasteelerfan(nofoolnodrool), your obsession with the Pat’s and Tom Brady, even though he’s in a different conference now, is pathetic and childish. Seems like the Stealers get more help from the league than the Pat’s skippy, take off the black and yellow shades.

  10. ASSAULT! This ankle grabbing has got to go. ?The game is dangerous enough. Someone can end up with a limp.

  11. Vasteelerfan says:
    November 13, 2021 at 4:35 pm
    Hey, Bill said it was ok and the league let’s him do what he wantT

    What reality do you live in?

  12. The NFL always turns the other way when it comes to the Patriots. They clearly cheat all the time and had their wrists slapped like once or twice.

    It’s so sad when some teams get away with everything and others get away with nothing.

  13. Imagine if a player did the exact same thing to Mac Jones. He would be suspended for multiple games and Patriots fans would be saying it was justified. Bunch of hypocrites in New England like always.

  14. Please can we give this cheating narrative a break. (Insert your team’s name) cheats. Everyone does.

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