Taysom Hill: There’s a 45-minute window I don’t remember after my concussion

NFL: OCT 10 Saints at Washington Football Team
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Taysom Hill missed three weeks after suffering a concussion in the Saints’ Week Five game, and he said Friday that he still doesn’t remember the hit that caused the concussion or anything for 45 minutes afterward.

“I remember the route, I remember the play. That’s about it,” Hill said. “I never went unconscious, but, yeah, I don’t remember it. There was like a 45-minute window that I don’t remember. I remember being in the locker room, was the first thing. It’s not an ideal situation to have a hit like that and then have a gap of memory. Any time you’re dealing with head injuries it’s a scary, scary thing.”

At the same time, Hill said he never doubted he would eventually recover.

“I never felt like that was in jeopardy, to be fully healthy,” Hill said.

Washington’s William Jackson was flagged for unnecessary roughness for the hit on Hill. Hill said Jackson has never reached out to see if he was OK and that after looking at the tape he felt like Jackson was targeting his head, but he stopped short of calling it a dirty play.

“It sure looked like he wasn’t trying to make a play on the ball, the way the hit happened, but I’ve never played defense and I don’t know what that’s like,” Hill said.

Hill returned to the field last week and indicated he’s feeling good.

14 responses to “Taysom Hill: There’s a 45-minute window I don’t remember after my concussion

  1. I played a full hockey game in high school (this was right before concussions became a thing) and the only memory I have of the game is the video that my parents took of the game. That whole about an hour of time is just gone in my brain. It’s weird because I scored twice and from the video it looks like I played one of my best games. But my recollection starts with me at home puking after the game.

  2. mookie34 says:
    November 13, 2021 at 5:11 am
    Bountygate continues to haunt the Saints.

    Congratulations on being today’s winner of the Stupidest Post on the Internet!

    Johnny, tell him what he has won!

  3. 45 minutes he doesn’t remember? That’s nothing, I’ve had many whole nights out I can’t remember!

  4. In 1973, a friend and teammate of mine was concussed in the middle of football practice. He shook it off and continued the rest of the practice, playing quite well as usual. He “woke up” in the shower after practice. To this day he does not remember the hour or two between the event and the shower. Weird stuff, concussions.

  5. godkingskovald says: “Bring on the 18 game season!!!! Sheesh.”

    A player’s risk of getting injured in Game 17 is the same as the risk of getting injured in Game 1 of the the next season (STATISTICALLY, the risk of injury actually decreases slightly as the the season goes on.)

    Players are getting paid a lot more with extra game tv revenue and are well COMPENSATED for taking that risk.

  6. 45 minutes you won’t ever get back, I just hope during those 45 minutes some jerk Doctor didn’t inject him with the JAB!

  7. I lost about 6 hours after a bad concussion from a head-on car wreck. A decade later it still affects me. The neurologist read me riot act about getting another one…. there is NO WAY Taysom Hill belong on a football field 3 weeks after a concussion that resulted in memory loss. No way.

  8. Hill needs to take a few more weeks off. Brain injuries tend to get worse after each occurrence. Losing memory is a very bad sign.

    Hill said he wasn’t unconscious. His eyes might have been open, but he sure wasn’t conscious.

  9. Physical trauma to the brain interferes with it’s ability to transfer short term memory to long term memory. It can allow you to function fairly normally but you don’t remember what you did. Long term damage is still not adequately understood but it’s not good. Concussions are serious and the couch potato idiots who belittle them haven’t a clue.

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