Bruce Arians blames both Sunday interceptions on Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team
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Last year, the Buccaneers emerged from the bye with a flourish. This year, they’ve regressed, picking up their third loss of the season and running their losing streak to two.

Speaking of two, quarterback Tom Brady had two interceptions in Sunday’s 29-19 loss. After the game, coach Bruce Arians blamed both miscues on Brady.

“That had nothing to do with receivers, it was him,” Arians said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

One of the interception was a ball that initially was caught; a hit jarred it free. It’s impossible to understand how that interception lands on Brady’s shoulders.

Maybe Arians, who didn’t hesitate to rip Brady in 2020 and hasn’t done much of it this season, has decided to get a little feisty with #Tommy in the hopes of turning things around. It would make sense to do so, however, only if the criticism is factually warranted.

21 responses to “Bruce Arians blames both Sunday interceptions on Tom Brady

  1. The second one absolutely was, but I’m not sure about the first one. Even without the interceptions, Tom was a bit off today, particularly in the first half.

  2. Get your popcorn going, folks.

    I wonder it Brady will find Arians’s antics as old hat. Worked last year, but I just wonder.

  3. The Bucs are getting everyone’s best shot this season. Not easy going from being the hunter to being the hunted.

  4. First one definitely wasn’t on Brady the second one was. Arians should keep his mouth shut right now and focus on snapping his 2 game win streak especially since the Bucs defense got slashed by a backup qb two games in a row.

  5. Some of us take Bruce Arians more seriously than others do. I think Bruce is in the camp of those who don’t take him seriously. Ditto Tommy.

  6. The WFT seems to play Brady tuff. But, after being off, bucs needed a better game plan. They r believing they r still the best. It’s not the case yet. They lost to a mediocre to poor team. That can’t happen. Taylor H. Looked good again. If not a #1, he’s a very good, smart #2. I wish the Steelers had him!

  7. I think Brady is more than used to the “teams giving us their best shot” thing. He only felt it every week for the better part of 20 years.

    All he ever cares about is how things are clicking through December. History tells me they will be.

  8. Arians understands Bradys mentality. I’d pick up Brady next game in FD. It’ll be a bargain buy.

  9. psljax says:
    November 14, 2021 at 6:47 pm
    Arians thinks he was the reason they won the super bowl.

    Yes, he really does…usually I like Arians, but he always winds up getting too full of himself and then proceeds to get out-coached

  10. Was that 10-minute long game-ending drive by Washington and Taylor Heinecke on Brady too? He was going to win the game for you since he had figure them out by the third quarter, but unfortunately he never got the chance. The Bucs defense is atrocious and their lack of depth and youth is really hurting them. Good thing they wasted a second round pick on a developmental QB!

  11. Bruce is NOT a good coach. He is an idiot. To blame Brady for the first interception when it is in the hands of receiver is ludicrous. He could not have watched same play. Brady was a bit off Sunday and the second interception was on him but remember, Brady cannot throw and catch the ball on same play. Receivers today seemed to drop a lot of balls. Penalties are all on coaching staff and being too easy on players. Off sides, give me a break. Howard on first play of game!!!!!!Ariens and staff had 2(TWO) weeks to get his team ready and he FAILED.

  12. It’s sometimes astonishing how oblivious Arians can be during a game. If it’s necessary to add a sixth OL for a couple of drives to secure the pocket and get the offense rolling, then do it. If people are regularly dropping the ball, then next guy up. If the defense is beating themselves, then fix it. Waiting until the game is over and blaming/complaining is pretty much just adolescence. Doing the same things and expecting different results isn’t “coaching” either.

  13. There is no way that the first pick was on Brady. Arians must be trying to win the locker room over by showing he treats all players, including the superstars, the same.

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