Cam Newton: It’s not about me

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals
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Cam Newton played a game for the first time since Week 17 of last season. He scored a rushing touchdown for the first time since Week 16 of last season.

Newton celebrated after his 2-yard touchdown run in the first quarter Sunday by removing his helmet and yelling, “I’m baaaack!” After the game, the Panthers new old quarterback ran around the stadium high-fiving fans.

But Newton wanted to clarify after the game it’s not about him, walking into the postgame news conference with receiver Robby Anderson.

“I know a lot of people in the media, the newspapers, the blogs, . . . they want to make it about me. It’s not about me. I keep saying it’s not about me,” Newton said, via Darin Gantt of the team website. “This was an impeccable team win.

“I’m so proud of P.J. (Walker), looking down the barrel so many times and delivering the ball, as well as everybody pulling together. It was exciting for us as a team, as an offense to take turns making plays.”

Newton earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for removing his helmet following his touchdown run. He promised coach Matt Rhule it wouldn’t happen again.

He finished 3-of-4 passing for 8 yards and a touchdown to Anderson and drew a 33-yard pass interference penalty on a pass intended for DJ Moore. Newton added three carries for 14 yards and a touchdown.

“I’m here for a reason, and that reason is to hold everyone accountable,” Newton said. “I’m no different than anyone else, and I want people to hold me accountable. I think the thing I’ve learned as growth, who cares who gets the glory? When you get a game like this, we all win.”

13 responses to “Cam Newton: It’s not about me

  1. God no, Cam, you showed us it’s not a;ll about you when you screamed “I’m baaaaacccckkkk!!!!”

  2. That’s really thoughtful perspective, team first, and thrilling in a way to see Cam in a Panthers uniform again. But the haters will pile on anyway.

  3. Just b/c you say something to the media after the game does not mean that’s what it is. Your actions show what it is. Plenty of other players who previously weren’t on rosters score and they don’t rip their helmet off, scream “I’m back!” and get a 15 yard penalty.

    There’s not one thing even remotely about the team in that. Get real, Newton.

  4. This team “WISHES” it never got rid of Cam! The Panthers have a joke at QB and it’s NOT Cam Newton! If you don’t want him, send him to Pittsburgh!

  5. All those Can quotes in this article are actually very funny. He’s like the little kid with frosting on his face explaining to his mom that he didn’t eat the cake. He does one thing and says another. In his mind, it IS all about him. Egomaniac!

  6. I cannot believe Carolina welcomed Newton back. “Not about me….”, let me see, removing your helmet and yelling I’m back isn’t exactly about your teammates then is it? Nicest part of him being gone were not having to suffer through Newton’s self centred postures and the towel on the head. Jeez……….

  7. Words: “Its not about me”
    Actions: “My aura is too big, its ALL about me! All Cam all the time!”

  8. Great to see him playing again. I still love, “You’ve been watching film? Watch this!” – followed by a touchdown pass.

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