Cam Newton’s touchdown pass gives Panthers 14-0 lead


So far, Cam Newton‘s return to the Panthers could not be going any better.

After rushing for a 2-yard touchdown to open the scoring against Arizona, Newton tossed a 2-yard touchdown to receiver Robby Anderson.

On first-and-goal, Newton rolled to his right and fired to Anderson at the front-right corner of the end zone. It was Anderson’s third touchdown of the year and gave the Panthers a 14-0 lead.

This is Newton’s first game action of the 2021 regular season after signing with the Panthers earlier this week. Sam Darnold is expected to be out for 4-to-6 weeks with a shoulder injury. But with Newton’s return, Darnold may never play another snap as the Panthers’ starting QB.

The Cardinals defeated the 49ers last week without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. They’re both inactive again this week and it looks like Carolina will have a much better time taking advantage of the opportunity.

5 responses to “Cam Newton’s touchdown pass gives Panthers 14-0 lead

  1. The Panthers defense is good enough where just the occasional goalline play with Cam could be enough to win some games.

  2. I dont want Cam to do well because im a Saints fan. But theres a lot of … extras… behind the hate of him. So its cool nonetheless

  3. Somehow Someone will figure out a way to diminish what Cam Newton has done this afternoon. But….. He Literally was at the house on the couch watching football last Sunday!! Now this!!!!

  4. I will jump in, I guess you saw how long it is about winning and the team lasted. 1 play, or did they just make taking a helmet off as a penalty since he has been out of football for 3 months. To be honest playing from the 1 yard line is easy to diminish. But it gets back to the team. The team get the call to the 1 yard line and then the savoir comes in and saves the day. All the headlines will run him up the flagpole, that is why I am sure so many teams passed on him. Because they do make it all about the team.

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