Dan Campbell takes over play-calling duties from Anthony Lynn

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers
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After the Lions lost to the Eagles 44-6 before the bye, head coach Dan Campbell watched the tape of the offense three times. He then decided to commit more of his time to the offense.

On Sunday, for the first time this season, Campbell donned the headset and communicated the play calls to quarterback Jared Goff. Offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn had called the plays in the team’s first eight games.

Campbell tried to downplay the reduced role for Lynn.

“One of the things was: Why not change it up a little bit here?” Campbell said, via Justin Rogers of the Detroit News. “I wanted to be able to talk to (Goff) in game. Sometimes I think you’re able to get in the flow of the game when you’re the guy who’s calling it. It just helps to know exactly where to go.

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal. There were still things I was giving to A-Lynn when he was calling. It’s just now I took the green dot (headset with direct line to the quarterback) basically to Goff, so I could communicate to him. I’ll still grab some (play) calls from them. I’ll use my own calls. It was a joint effort by all those guys.”

Campbell admitted during an interview with Sports Illustrated last week that he had called only eight to 10 offensive plays this season. As an assistant coach, or even as interim head coach for the Dolphins in 2015, Campbell never called plays.

The Lions had 306 yards with a season-best 229 rushing yards.

“It was really good,” Goff said. “I thought he did a great job and had a good feel for wanting to come back to something that we had done previously and kind of wanted to mix it up. I think he’ll only learn and continue to get better from here.”

13 responses to “Dan Campbell takes over play-calling duties from Anthony Lynn

  1. When Dan Campbell takes over play calling duties you know you’re not very good at your job. This Lions team seemed competitive at the beginning of the year, now the wheels have just completely fallen off. Campbell may be able to instill some sort of identity to this team but he is not going to be the one that turns them into a winner.

  2. This is why as a new hire, you temper your bravado and use the cliches about working hard and getting better instead of eating kneecaps. Has any team gone 0-fer twice?

  3. 1. Goeff is thee worst QB in foot ball. Its an embarassment when the team is trying to win and you have a guy who cant pass more then 10 yards effectively. He looks absolutely lost like he would rather be at home taking a nice bath then in a Lions uniform.
    2. This team is again the most penalized team in football an award they win annually.
    3.Team is loaded with stupid players who cheat and try to get away with stuff like the refs dont know who they are.
    4. Your in field goal range and can win the game you your dumb lineman holds, causing a 10 yard penalty and taking you out of range. How stupid is that? This is the Detroit Lions and a few good draft picks next year wont make a difference.
    4. The kicker looked clueless. I knew he would not make the kick. He never came close. What a find for this team. You cant put that caliber of player on the field and expect to win.

  4. With Goff at QB, it doesn’t matter who calls plays. It seemed like Campbell took over the play calls to keep Goff from throwing. It almost worked.

  5. Now how is that going to help anything, the head coach will NEVER be able to do all of that and try to win games. Even the Hoodie doesn’t do that anymore w/ the defense. Still no wins a TIE doesn’t count for much.

  6. Compare Goff’s stats last year, to this year.

    Two different quarterbacks? Or two different head coaches???

    Campbell is the issue. When he’s confronted with reality, he tears up. Can him now or suffer through years of losing.

  7. And to think, the armchair GM’s on here were blaming McVay and saying Stafford was not an upgrade.

  8. This is a desperation move. The coach’s firing is next, or he is definitely feeling heat! Detroit has been very bad for a very long time. These players find a way to lose, similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers! Their game exemplifies this. These players aren’t executing. The play call is correct, the ball got to the player, and they fumble, drop passes, miss tackles, field goals, etc! That was THE sloppiest game of professional football that I’ve seen in a long time. It was NFL bloopers boarding on comedy. Both teams have an effort problem that hints to disgruntled, or checked out players.

  9. when your quarterback is as bad as Dakota Prescott, yes, you call every screen pass you know;

    they seem good at finding offensive talent on defence;

    surely there is someone over there who would be effective under centre;

  10. Erne Ernesto says:
    November 14, 2021 at 8:57 pm
    1. Goeff is thee worst QB in foot ball.

    -He’s not the worst in football, but he’s likely bottom 10. Stafford has spoiled expectations of a QB on a bad football team.
    -The kicker is the 3rd kicker the Lions have had this year I believe… and Seibert hasn’t been all that bad. Can’t blame Santoso when he is literally an injury patch.
    -This team is one of the youngest in the league, so of course they are also the most penalized. That has to improve next year with experience… we will see if that happens. Remember that most of the secondary is people off the street or rookies, and the defensive line is similar. You are focused on one holding penalty that you blame on a “lineman” but it was TJ Hockenson on the hold. He’s one of the better blockers on the team, and definitely made a mistake during a game where he was held without a catch also.
    -If Goff was hurt, which he was, and he only had 11 yards passing at half time, then you have to play David Blough in the game. That’s on the coaching staff. If Blough isn’t good enough to replace an injured QB that could only pass for 11 yards at half time, then why even pay him a salary? Just cut him.

    This team isn’t 1 or 2 pieces away. Everyone knew that coming into the year. Not sure why there is so much anger now that they are who we thought they were? Also, the Lions cap situation gets exponentially better over the next 2 years considering they will cut Goff after next year and shake the Stafford contract after this year. So they have 4 firsts, 4 day 2 picks, and can target a few pieces in FA that fill needs, there is no excuse for Brad Holmes not to have this team in the playoff hunt by 2023. If he doesn’t, he’ll be fired and we’ll continue the cycle of suck. But I wouldn’t take this season and use it to paint the next 5 years, that’s unrealistic.

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