Justin Jefferson joins OBJ with at least 10 games of 100 or more receiving yards in first 25 of career


It’s been a good decade for LSU receivers in the NFL.

On Sunday, Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson (who played at LSU) racked up his 10th game of 100 or more receiving yards. According to the NFL, he becomes only the second player in the Super Bowl era to do that in his first 25 career games.

The other was former LSU receiver Odell Beckham, Jr., who had 15 such games in his first 25.

Jefferson also has 2,175 career receiving yards in 25 games. That puts him at No. 2 in the Super Bowl era for a player’s first 25 games, ahead of Cruz (with 2,032) and behind Beckham (with 2,625).

Beckham’s early-career brilliance underscores the reality that things can change, and that it’s very hard to string together an extended stretch of high-end achievement.

10 responses to “Justin Jefferson joins OBJ with at least 10 games of 100 or more receiving yards in first 25 of career

  1. and his comparison is why you should stop cherry picking stats. this many arbitrary yards, in this many arbitrary games is meaningless. give me many stats over many years to prove greatness

  2. Some talented guys go backwards after they achieve a little bit of fame. They stop working. Tom Brady just works harder and harder, the more success he achieves.

  3. Finally, maybe a receiver or two who might change the Vikings’ receiver draft trajectory. We usually have super stars like Treadwell, Rice, Williamson . .

  4. This kid seems like a natural and credit to Cousins for putting the ball right on the money.

  5. Hopefully this trend of all-pro performance and being a genuinely good guy continues. Better than lying to fans, trashing his front office, creating off-season and in-season drama and thinking he’s smarter than everyone else.

  6. Justin had a great game yesterday. Looks like Zim actually let the guys play ball and they had a nice win to show for it.

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