Lions tie Steelers

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers
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It was a game neither team deserved to win. And neither team did win.

The Lions and Steelers played to a 16-16 tie today in Pittsburgh, the NFL’s first tie game this season.

It was an ugly game that left the Lions at 0-8-1 and the Steelers at 5-3-1.

The ugliest performance of all came from Lions quarterback Jared Goff, who completed 13 of 24 passes for 92 yards, and also lost 37 yards on four sacks. For an NFL team to gain just 55 yards on 28 pass plays is stunning ineptitude that raises the question of why Goff is still the Lions’ starter.

Mason Rudolph was the Steelers’ starter because Ben Roethlisberger has COVID-19, and the Steelers’ offense suffered. Rudolph marched them down the field for a touchdown on his first drive, but could do next to nothing the rest of the game. Rudolph wasn’t helped by his receivers, who lost two fumbles in overtime.

A lone bright spot is that both teams had a young running back top 100 rushing yards, with Najee Harris carrying 26 times for 105 yards for Pittsburgh, and D'Andre Swift carrying 33 times for 130 yards for Detroit.

But that was about it. Otherwise, this was just a bad football team without any winners to be found.

59 responses to “Lions tie Steelers

  1. Ridiculous.
    Tomlin should have his team doing every ball-control-fumble drill in existence thus week. And his OC should be a tackling dummy.

  2. Hockenson is way overrated. He was successful at committing penalties that really hurt the Lions.

  3. Other than the number the quarterback is wearing, the Steelers’ offense looks pretty much the same.

  4. I wonder why the refs did not help the Steelers this week like hey did lat week against the Bears.

  5. The great coach Tomlin couldn’t outcoach Dan Campbell, what does that tell you fanboys who suck up his gobbledygook?

  6. Typical Tomlin-coached team. Play below the level of the competition. They always choke in November and December.

  7. Tomlin’s game plan reminds me of the movie Airplane; “Turn on all the runway lights.” “No, that’s just what they’ll be expecting.” Tomlin is constantly trying to prove he is smarter than he is. You can run on the Lions so let’s gameplan to throw 50 passes with our backup QB. One series they had 2nd & 1 and threw a screen for -3. Was Harris tired? 1st & goal on the 5, 3 passes (all incomplete). No logic whatsoever. Just Tomlin trying to prove something to everyone.

  8. I wonder how it feels to be a Steelers’ fan tonight. Four hours in the pouring rain just to watch a hot mess😆.

  9. Oh well, at least the Steelers aren’t as bad as the Browns. At the end of the day that all that really matters.

  10. They say a tie just doesn’t feel right, kinda like sleeping with your sister, good thing steeler fans are accustomed to that

  11. What’s worse having your season ended by Tim Tebow or being the “1” in 0-16-1? 😄

  12. The weather said, ‘grind this game out with all the RB’s on the roster’ and The Lion’s run D isn’t great. But wait…Let’s have Mason throw like it’s a ’90s run-n-shoot team. Seriously?
    OC Matt Canada is terrible.

  13. @tebow. So how did the Raven do? Oh yeah….🤣🤣🤣🤣. Get a hobby bud. Steelers rent free in your head.

  14. luchey says:
    November 14, 2021 at 4:43 pm
    Thanks to our Kicker. We now have a tie vs. a W.

    I’m guessing he was told to miss the kick. Lions want to lock down the #1 pick. Don’t need an unnecessary win that might come back to haunt you. Forgot to tell the defense to not jump on fumbles though.

  15. 8 out of every 10 passes Rudolph throws looks like they could be or will be picked off. Dude is not the answer thats for sure

  16. Where are “VASteelersFan” and “JimmythePinhead”?



    A tie is almost more embarrassing than a loss.

  17. I want to see what the crying coach comes out and blames now. Some of the worst play calling ever seen what in the hell do you have to lose?

  18. erwinfletcher
    You know the term “rent free in your head” is kinda meant for people that actually play or coach in the NFL. It sounds silly on a comment board from one fan of a team to another fan from an opposing team. Just trying to save you from further embarrassment. You’re welcome.

  19. @erwinfletcher guess what’s better than 5-3-1? Miserable day for a miserable team and fans, huh?

  20. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers!

    Anybody remember the late 80s Steelers, we are destine to repeat.

  21. Perhaps now the media will stop gushing over the Steelers, who are just huge frauds, and have been for the past decade.

  22. I wonder how it feels to be a Steelers’ fan tonight. Four hours in the pouring rain just to watch a hot mess😆.

    Well Steeler fans are not happy about the game but at least they don’t live in a sewer like Baltimore.

    Love all the hate from the shallow end of the gene pool….You know Tylawspicsix and the Tebow troll life long lost souls fixated on thenSteelers.

    Rudolph didn’t lose the game poor coaching, play calling and tackling was horrendous. Losing Watt and two O linemen hurt….but. No excuses the Steelers stunk but the Ravens lost to….Miami and the Cheaters lost a game they should have won….so relax you have no room to boast.

  23. Memo to Lions’ coach Campbell: Play action passing works when you are running the ball well. Try it sometime.

  24. @charliecharger how come your not chiming in now telling us how “according to the tape” Rudolph is an “elite franchise caliber qb” but according to you Watson isnt?

  25. Well Steeler fans are not happy about the game but at least they don’t live in a sewer like Baltimore.

    Miserable fans of a cheap shot team resort to cheap shot insults. I’m sorry you’re afraid to visit Baltimore. It has a lot to offer including an NFL team with a better record.

  26. Miserable fans of a cheap shot team resort to cheap shot insults. I’m sorry you’re afraid to visit Baltimore. It has a lot to offer including an NFL team with a better record.

    One of the most hypocritical posts of all time from a career troll posting constant insults towards the Steelers, their fans, and their city….hike up your big boy pants when you dish be ready to receive it in return. I visited Baltimore several times and wondered why it was closed or at least condemned. Sorry to hurt your delicate feelings and I know I shouldn’t pick on children so I’ll let you go recover.

  27. Only the Lions would lose their kicker to IR, right before they need a game winning kick. They could’ve brought in a guy that was bagging groceries this week to make that kick that attempt was awful.

  28. erwinfletcher

    I’ll admit when I’m wrong. Thought you were getting childish when you responded to Tebowblahblah. After reading his post calling people and cities trash, I totally get it. My opinion is don’t respond to him/her. Definitely don’t waste any time reading his/her diatribes.

  29. Well, that was ugly. As a Lions fan watching Goff under center is just beyond frustrating.

  30. Love all the Pats fans in here crowing about this gm. They act like Mac Davis is their savior at QB. Typical blinders-on, chess not checkers, misdirected, uninformed and praying for a reason they let Brady go, Pats fans. As usual.

  31. People are saying the Rams have to win the Super Bowl for the Lions trade to be a success.I disagree. Not having Goff as our QB will add years to my life.

  32. Colts will be the most dangerous team in the entire playoffs if they get in. Tennessee’s worst nightmare if they have to see the Colts again

  33. As a Ravens fan, the trolls really make fans look bad. We just lost to the Dolphins and have no room to talk. Losses like that happen. Just look at the last 2 weeks. Bills, Bucs, Cardinals, Ravens, Steelers, Bengals, etc. It happens in football. The Steelers were without their QB. If the Ravens played the Lions without Lamar, we lose by 2 scores. Stay classy people.

    Vasteelerfan, I get your frustration with the trolls, but ease up on dissing a city you clearly know very little about. Yes BMore has it’s bad areas just like most big cities in this country, it’s no more a sewer than Pitt, NY, and many others. Columbia, MD, which is just outside BMore is one of the 10 best places to live in this country. Howard County is one of the best school systems in the country. Come at the trolls, not the city where many hard working good people live. Peace.

  34. All teams in the AFC are frauds. Steelers have just as good of shot at winning the afc as anyone even after this lion debacle.

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