Mac Jones throws for three touchdowns, Patriots crush Browns 45-7

Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots
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The Patriots had no trouble taking care of business against the Browns.

With three touchdown passes by quarterback Mac Jones and a pair of rushing TDs by Rhamondre Stevenson, New England blew out Cleveland 38-7 in Foxborough on Sunday.

And to add injury to insult, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield left the game with a knee injury in the second half. He was on the bench and was officially questionable to return. But with the game out of reach, the Browns stuck with backup Case Keenum for the rest of the contest.

Things were so out of hand that New England backup Brian Hoyer entered the contest with 8:15 left in the fourth quarter.

Jones played arguably the best game of his young career, completing 19-of-23 passes for 198 yards with three touchdowns. Two of those TDs went to tight end Hunter Henry, who now has seven scores this season.

Stevenson finished with a solid 100 yards on 20 carries, scoring on runs from 5- and 2-yards out.

New England’s offense had three touchdowns drives of at least 90 yards, one of which came with Brian Hoyer at quarterback. It was generally an ugly day for Cleveland’s defense, which forced only one punt. The Patriots started 6-of-6 on third down in the first half.

On the other side, Cleveland’s offense did little right after an opening-drive touchdown. Mayfield finished 11-of-21 passing for 73 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He threw an interception in the first half while looking for tight end David Njoku, but defensive back Kyle Dugger undercut the route to pick off the pass.

With Nick Chubb out, running back D’Ernest Johnson rushed for 99 yards on 19 carries. But when Cleveland got behind, the run game was not a factor.

This was an important game for both teams for potential playoff seeding. But the Patriots looked much more like a team that could make some noise in January than the Browns.

Now on a four-game winning streak, New England will face Atlanta on Thursday in Week 11.

The Browns have an opportunity for a get-right game against the Lions

34 responses to “Mac Jones throws for three touchdowns, Patriots crush Browns 45-7

  1. Glad I was wrong Mac looked a lot better than he did the last 3 games and it was nice to see
    Jakobi Meyers finally in the end zone. Other than the first drive Mayfield and Keenum looked flustered all day. Now for a short week against the Falcons which should be another win. Go Pats!

  2. But but but… the Browns are .500. Pats still haven’t beat a quality team, right? Dang… so glad to see them rounding into postseason form. Came back a lot faster than most thought

  3. Geez when everything goes this right ya kinda wish this was a playoff game and does it look like the browns will be entering the watson sweepstakes but sorry won’t take mayfield off your hands as part of the hefty exchange as before the season started was thinking these teams would be changing places but why as the saying always goes, we gotta play the actual games.

  4. Embarrassing game for the Browns. Unprepared, Mayfield looked terrible, this one hurt. So many questions about the make up of this team. Players and coaches.both

  5. Remember when some of us said that New England was done or wouldn’t be good for a long time, Belichick can’t win without Brady?

    I admit I was wrong.

  6. Every year it’s the same thing. The Browns talk about how great they are…and then the season starts.

  7. Well we are undefeated on the road. This is a good team. Glad to see us do it at home against a good defense. With authority. As I have said, this will be a team nobody wants to deal with at the end of the year! Way to go Pats!

  8. Tough game for the Browns. It doesn’t look like they have it this year. Hang in there, Browns fans.

    Pats looked amazing. They’re going to be a tough out this year.

    BB is just head & shoulders above everyone else. The league won’t have parity until he retires.

  9. flash1224 says:
    November 14, 2021 at 4:03 pm
    I guess the usual Patriots crybabies will just tell us Cleveland wasn’t a very good team

    The Patriots laying down new narratives on teams every week now.

  10. It’s fun watching this kid Jones play. He looks like a 10 year vet. Poised, accurate, knows what to do under pressure. The Patriots appear to be rounding into shape will a complete football team across all 3 phases. Watching Jones play as a rookie makes an interesting comparison to a guy like Lamar Jackson. One is a stud athlete who has won a ton of regular season games, but is a rookie reading defenses and knowing what to do under pressure and folds. Jones might be young but boy does he seem to have all the tools and know what to do when he’s blitzed. He’ll surely have some rookie-like performances but the Patriots appear to have a good one again.

  11. Mayfield and Stefanski both suck. Told you so Browns fans LOL. dont shoot the messenger

  12. Mac Jones > Baker Mayfield and its not even close. Its why Jones went to Alabama and Mayfield went to Oklahoma

  13. Trent Brown takes a lot of heat but he made a difference today. If the O Line keeps playing like that the Patriots will be a tough out.

  14. touchback6 says:
    November 14, 2021 at 4:05 pm
    Mac>>>Brady moving forward.

    He’s been outperforming the diva QB in Tampa.

    Why is that you find a way to make every story that’s about Mac Jones/the Patriots about Tom Brady, and every story that’s about every other team about the Patriots/Mac Jones? Talk about sports fandom narcissism. Also, while Mac was the better QB today, he is not the better QB going forward until Brady significantly declines.

  15. How is this possible? That idiot on WEEI tells me every morning that the only reason the Patriots ever won a single game in the last 20 years was because of TB12 and that Bill Belichick never won anything without him.

  16. This game was about coaching and Stefanski was taken to school by one of the best to ever do it. Very impressive win Pats fans. People better start paying attention to this Pats team.

  17. Jones is proving/showing the value of talent AND coaching. Putting people in the right places, knowing your players’ skill sets, calling situational plays.

    It was ALWAYS Bill (+ staff) AND Brady (+team around him).

  18. What about all that money wasted on free agents by the terrible GM Bill B? And his dismal drafting? I think we saw a number of new for 2021 Patriots make a difference today.

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