Myles Garrett: We didn’t make any adjustments on the sideline

NFL: NOV 07 Browns at Bengals
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If Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods wasn’t on the hot seat before Sunday, he is now after Myles Garrett‘s postgame comments.

The Patriots scored 45 unanswered points, gaining 452 yards and shutting out Garrett after his early sack.

“We’ve got to go back to the drawing board and see how we can get better, see how we can scheme better, see how we can make adjustments on the fly,” the All-Pro defensive end said, via WKYC. “We never had a chance just because we didn’t make any adjustments on the sideline or when we had time to.”

The Browns entered the day ranked 13th in total defense and tied for 10th in scoring defense. They didn’t get it done against rookie quarterback Mac Jones, who was 19-of-23 for 198 yards and three touchdowns. The Browns sacked Jones twice in the first half, the only two hits they got on him.

“I think we didn’t counter like we are supposed to. We didn’t stop the bleeding and they kept attacking where we were deficient,” Garrett said. “Great play calling. Mac Jones made some great throws. He fit in a couple times across the middle. They were pretty much max protecting and trying to get to the middle of the field, and we didn’t have answers.”

Asked to clarify the Browns not making adjustments on the sideline, Garrett said, “We didn’t make adjustments, as in they kept on scoring, and we weren’t countering them. I mean we need to be better.”

This isn’t the first time Garrett has publicly questioned the defensive coordinator. After a 2018 loss to the Steelers, Garrett called out then defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ plan. Williams became interim head coach that season before leaving after the season.

22 responses to “Myles Garrett: We didn’t make any adjustments on the sideline

  1. “Myles Garrett: We didn’t make any adjustments on the sideline”

    That fair, since you didn’t make many big plays on the field, either. Two hits on a rookie QB in an entire game?
    Great talent, but it’s always somebody else’s fault with this guy.

  2. I guess players like Garrett who, ya know, are on the field playing, bear no responsibility. Nobody told him what to do. So that’s why I only heard his name once. Or maybe he was afraid of big, bad Mac Jones grabbing his ankles.

  3. If your head coach knew how to call offensive plays, you wouldn’t be on the field so much to be torched. If you had a QB, you guys would get more rest.

  4. Some folks don’t like that Myles said it but he’s correct. And he had another sack today despite the poor scheming. It’s past time to move on from Woods.

  5. Fire Joe Woods!! He is a joke. Talent on the field is the only reason he is still there. Even tho he does not utilize them.

  6. So it wasn’t the fact that OBJ wasn’t getting the ball? Mayfield is a game manager who sometimes isn’t even good at that. Not enough talent on offense to make up for a bad QB.

  7. Joe Woods has been a terrible coordinator. Armchair DCs pull their hair out watching his lack on innovations or adjustments. It’s been this way since he took over.

  8. Hey Myles, if you made adjustments, the Patriots would have also made their own adjustments. It’s what Belichick does and what has made him the GOAT coach.

  9. Myles said something that most of us have seen. I have no issues with it. Players have to play within the scheme but coach needs to know how to maximize the talent on the team and be willing to make scheme adjustments quickly. That’s what good coaches do. Browns probably have more talent than the Patriots, but the defense gave up 45 points to a rookie QB. That’s inexcusable.

  10. The Patriots coaching is tremendous. They make defensive adjustments on the fly to fix problems and mix things up on offense so the opposition can’t get a bead on what to expect. Today was a day where this was completely on display. The Browns opened with a drive that went right down the field and they scored a touchdown. The Pats went back, analyzed it, adjusted, and the Browns were toast from there on out. They never scored another point and the Pats put up 45. I think the Pats scheming and adjusting had the Browns grasping at straws all day long.

  11. Garrett showed to be a one man disruption machine. I see why there is so much hype over this dude. Luckily the Pats overcame it.

  12. What he’s actually saying is they were out-coached. I can’t believe an NFL team doesn’t make adjustments. Well-coached teams that will make adjustments after each series. If what Garrett said is true then they need to clean house again and hire someone with a clue next time.

  13. Joe Woods has got to go! How do you not put any pressure on a rookie QB and let him pick you apart. He should be ashamed to cash his paycheck!

  14. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    November 14, 2021 at 8:18 pm
    Hey Myles, if you made adjustments, the Patriots would have also made their own adjustments. It’s what Belichick does and what has made him the GOAT coach.


    Thats a lame comment. That’s what the the game is about. It’s about maximizing your team’s talent with adjustments. If the defense keeps it within a 1 score game, then all bets about the Patriots winning are off. Yes, offense has going to have bad days, defense has to bail them out. The team should have prepared extra hard especially because they were going against a great coach.

  15. He was stating a fact, not an opinion. He’s 100% right. They ran max protect the entire game and he still got a sack.

  16. Cleveland’s defense gave up very early on it wasn’t the pay calling it was the gutless
    effort they gave.

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