NFL mum on other 2021 COVID protocol fines

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints
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There’s a belief that the Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t get punished like they should for his repeated and blatant COVID protocol violations. It’s impossible to know for certain whether that’s the case without knowing whether and to what extent other teams and players have been fined for COVID protocols this season.

Not surprisingly, the league won’t comment on the matter. And it’s not that the league is saying “no comment”; the league is not even responding to inquiries on the subject of other fines imposed on other teams and players.

Three times this week, PFT sent an email to the league office requesting information as to other fines imposed on other teams and/or players for COVID protocol violations this season, along with the precise question of whether fines have been imposed for unvaccinated players attending press conferences in the team facility without wearing a mask. In each case, the league simply didn’t respond. (Usually, they’ll ignore the first two we send before providing a “no comment” in response to the third, if it’s something they’d rather not address.)

The league’s refusal to even acknowledge the question comes at a time when many believe the Packers got special treatment. There’s indeed a belief that NFL general counsel Jeff Pash, whose friendship with former WFT executive Bruce Allen created important questions regarding favoritisim last month, has a friendly relationship with Packers CEO Mark Murphy. On CBS, Jason La Canfora said that some believe there’s a “cozy” relationship between Murphy and the league office.

Without transparency, there’s no way to know whether, for example, one team and/or player received a much more stringent fine for equal or lesser infractions. And that’s probably one of the reasons why the league won’t even acknowledge the question.