Ryan Fitzpatrick unlikely to return this season

Los Angeles Chargers v Washington Football Team
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Washington quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is not expecting to play again this season.

Fitzpatrick, who suffered a hip injury in Week One, is highly unlikely to return this year, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

When Fitzpatrick initially suffered the injury, there were hopes that he would miss less than half the season. But his recovery has not gone as well as planned and he is still dealing with swelling and pain and unable to begin workouts to get back into football shape.

Realistically, the 39-year-old Fitzpatrick’s career may be over.

Taylor Heinicke is slated to start for Washington for the rest of the season. The Football Team will surely be in the quarterback market this offseason.

19 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick unlikely to return this season

  1. I’m sorry to hear that. Fitzpatrick may not be an all pro QB, but is an all pro person. I suspect that his career may be over as well. I think he would make an excellent QB coach and possibly an Offensive Coordinator at some point. He didn’t always have the physical attributes, but always knew what to do with the football. Best of luck Ryan.

  2. I loved watching him play the game, brilliant man too. I hope he’s able to come back at 40 if he wants to still play!

  3. you just never know. He may comeback to WFT or some other team because going out on injure reserve may not sit well with him.

  4. Heineke will get benched today before the game is over. Not that Kyle Allen is any better but teams have Heinke figured out and he hasn’t put points on the board in weeks. Time for a change.

  5. Will Washington EVER get a quality QB again, a so-called “Franchise QB?” Until they do they will continue to be mired in the dregs of the NFL. Brady and company should have a field day today….

  6. Sad to happen to one of the “good guys” of the NFL
    If you’ve never had the pleasure of being a fan of a team that he played for you may not fully appreciate and understand Fitz.
    The energy he brings to the team is contagious. Hope he gets another chance and then he goes out on HIS terms.
    Come back to Miami as the back up once healthy.

  7. They need to keep Fitz around to help a draft pick to become a good quarterback for us. He can be a good teacher. What we don’t need is for the team to sign another has been for big money that will do nothing. I don’t see any NFL quarterbacks in the college ranks, but some that could be taught.

  8. Love Fitzmagic over here in Florida. He played on two of the teams here. I hope he can maybe play somewhere next year.

  9. Disappointing I wanted to see what Fitzpatrick could do with this team with a full season as the starter. I mean his entire career has kinda revealed who he is, a guy who gives you a 4 TD performance followed the next week by a 3 INT performance but no one can deny he’s A. Fun to watch and B. A quality human being

  10. Harvard man….he will make the smart decision for himself and family. He had great career….we’re all going to miss the beard!!!

  11. He should talk to ex-Raven TE, Dennis Pitta, about playing football with a bad hip. There is absolutely no reason for him to come back after the really solid career he had.

  12. That is a sad ending for a workmanlike career. Fitz was never a starting caliber QB but he managed to start for several teams over his career. At his best he was utterly unstoppable. Unfortunately, Bad Fitz showed up much more regularly and stayed for long stretches – sometimes weeks – and Bad Fitz missed wide open guys by 5 or more yards, sometimes when they were only 5 yards away.

  13. Too bad for Fitz … really would have like to see him play more than just 1 quarter of football for the WFT.

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