Strong chance Cam Newton will start next week, and Ron Rivera will be ready

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals
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Cam Newton is back with the Panthers. Next week, he’ll be back in Carolina. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there’s a strong chance Cam will be starting next week in his return to Bank of America Stadium.

Coincidentally, Week 11 features a visit by the Washington Football Team. Which is coached by Ron Rivera. Who coached Newton for nine years in Carolina.

After Sunday’s 29-19 win over the Buccaneers, I asked Rivera whether he has kept a file of plays to use whenever he has to defend against Newton.

“Yes actually I do, to be honest with you,” Rivera said.

Suddenly, that game has gotten a lot more interesting.

5 responses to “Strong chance Cam Newton will start next week, and Ron Rivera will be ready

  1. Gonna be a great game!!!! Rivera comes home! Cam comes back home!!! Some of the WFT are former Panthers!! The energy next week will be amazing!!

  2. One way to render Cam Cheating useless is to threaten to take him to a hairdresser with eyesight.

  3. I tip my hat to Ron Rivera for battling cancer and overcoming his home burning, but the man wasted so much talent those 9 years in NC. He physically and mentally destroys his quarterbacks. He’s working on his second straight sub .500 season. He’s had THREE winning seasons in 11 years and won a division twice with 7 wins. How is he going to be ready? OK, they matchup well with Tampa. His SB appearance was due to Newton having one of the more spectacular seasons in NFL history. Now he’s wasting what little talent Washington has.

  4. I think they should keep rolling with Walker and sprinkle in some plays with Newton. Look how great this offense moved the ball without Darnold out there turning it over and it’s not like the Cardinals are slouches on defense. Newton lacks the touch on short throws and with CMC out there that is all you need to move the ball.

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