Tom Brady says “not a great day of football” during brief press conference

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady didn’t have a lot to say after Sunday’s 29-19 loss to the Washington Football Team.

Brady took the podium for his postgame press conference and relinquished it about a minute later. The first question for Brady concerned what kept the offense from making splash plays against a Washington defense that had given up a good number of them in the first eight weeks of the season.

“We just never really played on our terms,” Brady said. “We played from behind the whole game. They played a good game. They had a good plan.”

Question No. 2 was about coming off the bye week with a loss.

“We have obviously . . . not a great day of football for us,” Brady said. “Doesn’t matter who you play if we have a bunch of self-inflicted errors. We gotta eliminate those and see if we can go out and execute the plays that are there. 

Brady’s final answer was to a question about his two interceptions. Head coach Bruce Arians indicated that he thought both picks, including one that was in Jaelon Darden‘s hands, should be blamed on Brady. Brady didn’t share his insight into who was responsible.

“We started with the ball. They came away with it,” Brady said.

That was it for Brady, who was 23-of-34 for 220 yards, after a frustrating outing in Week 10.

15 responses to “Tom Brady says “not a great day of football” during brief press conference

  1. Shocked at how well-coached Washington looked today. Haven’t seen them play 60 full minutes of good football without crushing mistakes in a long time. It was good to see

  2. Karma is coming to you, Tom. You brought aging players onto an aging team and sold out last year.

    BB exposed you 6 weeks ago. Blueprint is out.

  3. Great team win by the WFT and quite a terrible display from the Super Bowl Champs and the big baby TB12.

  4. I love Arians Blaming Brady for a pick that was clearly a bobble and the receivers fault. So Brady Left New England Because he didn’t like Belichick??? How Long before he’s privately wishing he had BB coaching him again?

  5. Every single pundit picked the Bucs to win this game. That is why I love the NFL. You just never know.

  6. Another sure bet that vegas cleans up on
    this is 8 big favorites lossing outright in 2 weeks.
    what are odds?
    Amswer… slim if it’s legit, high if it’s scripted

    Am I the only one seeing this?

  7. One of the best parts of this game was the last 30 seconds. Tomasina Brady was handing the ball off to a running back. This was a Kodak moment where the Carrot Juice drinker had been outplayed by a guy with a cooler of Bud Lights waiting for him!

  8. The Bucs will be fine. Hopefully they make it to the SB and face the Patriots so Mac Jones and Belichick can get their revenge.

  9. Bruce Arians said, “it’s not the receivers, it’s him”. I had a good laugh. But lets all enjoy this football season and how many top tier teams have been getting bumped off by wretched ones. With this extra game in the season, even teams with 4 wins have hope to getting in. Very interesting football season.

  10. Fans/haters have been talking about karma or undefeated father time or sore loser etc for many, many years now about Brady but in the end he wins more than he loses. He won’t win them all but he’s won the most by an obscene amount. One day you all will be right and it’s gonna be a massive celebration cause you’ve been calling it for over a decade. Enjoy that day and hopefully it makes up for a decade plus of being wrong.

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