Will the Seahawks constantly blitz Aaron Rodgers today?

Washington Football Team v Green Bay Packers
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After 10 days of being away from football (but still somehow showing up with a toe injury), Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be back on the field today, one day after making his return.

The Seahawks, who haven’t won at Lambeau Field since 1999, should give him a proper welcome. As Peter King suggested on Friday’s PFT Live, Seattle should take a page from Miami’s Thursday night playbook and blitz Rodgers repeatedly.

Seattle has the right guy for the job in Jamal Adams. And even though, under normal circumstances, Rodgers would respond to such tactics with a flick of the wrist into the hands of his hot read, Rodgers may be feeling the effects of his COVID diagnosis and his week-and-a-half away from the game.

It’s a risky proposition, to be sure. If Rodgers has the lungs and the legs to escape the pressure, someone will be open — and Rodgers will find him. But if Rodgers, who is just a couple of weeks away from his 38th birthday, has any reduced capacity due to his recent experiences, it could be the best way to keep Rodgers from wrecking the game for Seattle.

That same mindset applies to the Seahawks. Russell Wilson is back after five weeks away. Will he instantly be in game shape? Or will he be vulnerable to the heat that could come from safeties who blitz repeatedly, wearing down as the game goes on if he’s constantly forced to run away from pressure?

It all makes one of the most compelling games of the day even more intriguing. And then it will get even better, when reporters get their first crack at posing questions to the quarterback who misled them (or, less tactfully, lied) about his vaccination status and then repeatedly violated protocol in order to conceal the truth.

24 responses to “Will the Seahawks constantly blitz Aaron Rodgers today?

  1. Hope Seattle blitzes him all day long, anytime he has a layoff he comes back with a vengeance

  2. Woke up (in Green Bay)today to the great equalizer : SNOW! a good couple of inches and cold! And not the fun, fluffy snow. Cold, sloppy, slushy snow! That finger better like the cold!

  3. Rodgers alienated more than half his fan base by purposely exposing his ill-thought, failed agenda to others, then lying about it. This is not about his failure to trust science and avoid the vaccine. Others have been upfront about it. He put himself above it all, and lied, and extended no apologies for his despicable attitude and behavior. It’s not only fans he irritated. There are many opposing players who are also pissed off at him for the same reasons. I would not be surprised if Rodgers does not make it to the end of the season. Stay ready Love, your time is coming.

  4. They will and they have bad calls by Aaron’s refs all day to keep the Packers in the game. This is business as usual for the officials and the Packers.

  5. Too bad Rodgers faces a historically bad defense.

    It would have been fun to see a team beat the leaving crap out of him.

  6. Ya, Rodgers with great receivers, MVP season a year ago, and a history of beating blitzes for 20 years, seems like a great plan…

  7. Do it. He’ll just dunk it to any of his competent receiver’s all day. See how the score looks after that happens a few times.

  8. Miami’s tactic worked because their corners could effectively play man coverage all night, and their linebackers could handle anyone coming off the line our out of the backfield. Seattle and Green Bay can blitz all night, but if their non-blitzers can’t handle their assignments, Wilson and Rodgers are both capable of exploiting any lapses in coverage. It will be fun seeing what the defenses try in the first half and how both teams adjust as the game goes on. Can’t wait to see this one.

  9. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Packers and a pretty serious dislike of Pete’s Seahawks, but after the way Aaron approached this season and then showed his true colors with his lies and deceit, I really hope he ends up planted in the tundra today…

  10. The blitz will be the only thing heating these guys up today it’s 32 degrees currently in Wisconsin.

  11. Dude’s been in the league 16 years, I don’t think a week away is going to make a significant difference. I’d be more worried about Wilson who couldn’t even throw the ball during his absence.

  12. Yeah, maybe teams should blitz Brady a lot too.
    A sure-fire win only when you’re playing a rookie or a running back posing as a QB.

  13. Hopefully they do, then the NFL can change rules in the off-season to protect him even more.

  14. I’m not sure Seattle blitzing Aaron Rodgers is such a good idea. Aaron throws accurately downfield on the run. Better off getting pressure from the front four and get an extra cover defensive back/linebackers in nickel and dime packages out there.

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