Bill Belichick: Always happy for Cam Newton; he was a wonderful guy to coach and be around

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals
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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will square off against one of his former head coaches in Week 11 when Washington takes on Carolina.

But the head coach who let Newton go at the start of the 2021 season is also happy to see the quarterback have success.

During his Monday morning interview on the Greg Hill Show, Bill Belichick said he’s “absolutely” happy to see Newton back in the league.

“It was great when they signed him,” Belichick said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN. “Sounds like he had a great day yesterday. So, always happy for Cam. Appreciate everything he did. He was a wonderful guy to coach and be around.”

Newton played only nine snaps for the Panthers on Sunday, but made his presence felt in the 34-10 victory over the Cardinals. He ran and passed for touchdowns, finishing with 8 yards through the air and 14 yards rushing.

Newton will presumably start next week’s game against the Football Team. But had he signed a week earlier, his first game would’ve come against Belichick and the Patriots. New England beat Carolina 24-6 in Week Nine, for what was likely Sam Darnold‘s last start with the franchise.

8 responses to “Bill Belichick: Always happy for Cam Newton; he was a wonderful guy to coach and be around

  1. This is not surprising. Just because Belichick cut Cam it did not mean Belichick disliked Cam. Thats not how he decides things.

  2. It will be fun to see how the Panthers do with Cam at QB. With McCaffrey back, Cam has the weapons. Last year with the Pats Cam didn’t have the weapons and this year we can see why Mac Jones got the job. Good luck, Cam.

  3. Just wasn’t a good fit not every QB can produce in New England. Cam is better suited right now as a Taysom Hill type of QB.

  4. Outside of his fashion choices, Cam is a good guy.
    As big of an a$$ as Belichick can be, most of his players will tell you he’s got a human side and isn’t the jerk many make him out to be.
    Add that Belichick the HC and Belichick the GM are two different people and that’s what helps make Belichick on of the best ever, if not the best.
    I’ll be sold on Cam the player this season when I actually see him put up some decent passing stats. He could still run in NE, but that was about it.

  5. Thank god for mac jones newton made games unwatchable he Is awful I’m glad that nightmare is over.

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