Frank Reich wonders “why can’t it be us” in the AFC

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts
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The Colts outlasted the Jaguars for a 23-17 win on Sunday and they’re now 5-5 after opening the season with three straight losses.

That record puts them right in the thick of a crowded race for playoff spots in the AFC and the change of circumstances is leading to thoughts about what might be in the future for the Colts. After the win was in the books, head coach Frank Reich wondered if the Colts might be able to continue rising to the top of the conference now that they’ve returned to .500.

“There’s a lot of good teams in the AFC but no one’s just taken over, so why can’t it be us? Why can’t the Indianapolis Colts take over right now? That’s our mindset,” Reich said, via the team’s website. “Why can’t we take over? So, if we’re going to do it, we got to prove it this weekend in Buffalo against a very good football team.”

The Colts will face the Buccaneers after the Bills, so the next two weeks should provide a lot of the answers that Reich was looking for on Sunday.

11 responses to “Frank Reich wonders “why can’t it be us” in the AFC

  1. Reich is going to know, ” Why can’t it be us”, next week when the difference between his Defense and Buffalo’s Defense becomes more and more apparent. He may also see the difference between Josh Allen and Carson Wentz also.

  2. “There’s a lot of good teams in the AFC but no one’s just taken over, so why can’t it be us?“

    The Tennessee Titans are 8-2, have won six straight, and have waxed your team head-to-head twice. Oh, and they have played the most difficult part of their schedule while your team has a gauntlet to run through after going 5-5 against the easy part of your schedule. I would imagine if you were coaching the Titans then you would probably say you’ve taken over. Colts are probably looking at 8-9, and that’s why it ‘can’t be them’.

  3. He says no one has taken over, yet there is one team with 8 wins and has the easiest remaining schedule. Sure the Titans are not pretty, but they just continue to win games. Colts won’t get a win in the next two weeks.

  4. Probably because you have a perennial choke artist as your QB Frank. C’mon, even you know this

  5. Calm down Frank.

    You’ve beaten Houston, Jax, Jets, 49ers and the Dolphins.

    You’ve played close games against the top teams. You choked against the Titans and Ravens. Let’s see the next 2 games before judging the Colts.

  6. Can’t disagree. The Colts may not be the best team, but they’re solid on both sides of the ball.

    The way the AFC is this year, a lot will just depend on who gets hot at the end.

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