Mac Jones on pace to break Dak Prescott’s rookie record for completion percentage

Cleveland Browns Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium
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In 2016, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott completed 67.76 percent of his passes, the best mark in NFL history for a rookie. In 2021, Mac Jones is poised to break that record.

Jones has completed 69.04 percent of his passes this season, putting him comfortably on pace to break Prescott’s rookie record.

Jones had his best completion percentage in a game yet in Sunday’s win over the Browns, completing 19 of 23 passes for an 82.61 percent completion rate.

Although Jones was the last of the five first-round quarterbacks drafted this year, he was regarded by many as the most NFL-ready of the group. He has proven that correct with his strong play in a season when the other rookie quarterbacks have struggled.

47 responses to “Mac Jones on pace to break Dak Prescott’s rookie record for completion percentage

  1. the bullet pass down the middle over 2 defenders to a leaping Bourne was a great play by both Mac and Bourne.

    After watching that game, the Packers-Seahawks game was incredibly boring.

  2. Still a lot of games to play with some tougher teams coming up later in the schedule so those numbers may well go down.

    Jones has been excellent so far though and the best of the rookie QB draft class.

  3. He appears to be an actual quarterback instead of a “great athlete”, like some of the other high draft picks recently.

  4. Good for the Patriots. The Jaguars could have easily traded out of No. 1 to get some draft pics and Mac, who is a Jacksonville native. Instead they have another potential bust on their hands to worry about.

  5. Wild how some guys go to the perfect situation and team for them, while other guys get drafted into terrible situations and go through multiple HCs, offensive coordinators and systems and never make it in the league.

  6. You could see it at Alabama. Climbs the pocket, keeps his eyes downfield, goes through progression and passes with accuracy. It’s not rocket science. I can out draft 28 GMs from my couch.

  7. Looks like this may end a long string if BB 1st round whiffs. In fact while I typed this Isaiah Wynn was just flagged for another penalty

  8. Mac Jones already had an advantage and leg up over the other 1st round QBs in his draft class,because he ran a pro-style offense at Alabama. Plus going from one superior coaching staff at Alabama to another in New England helped out a lot too.

  9. He’s the best rookie quarterback and it’s not even a competition. He’s light years ahead of Lawrence, Wilson and Fields.

  10. More proof the NE system is all Belichick with Tom Brady front running on a Bucs loaded team and just got lucky.

  11. I feel bad for Zach Wilson…..the poor kid’s career was on a timer one he was selected by the Jets

  12. Jones is just cool & collected & makes good reads/decisions.His haters point to a low average completion of 7-8 yards, but that is a product of the McDaniels system, no true deep burner, and his ability to read a defense and take what is there. Seems like the guy is going to be very good for Patriots for a long time. The 49ers, Jets,Panthers, are all probably wishing they had chosen differently…

  13. He’s off to a great start, but don’t get ahead of yourself folks. He has a little over half of a season under his belt. By far the best QB of this year’s class — Lawrence looks lost on the field.

  14. “Let’s not get out the anointing oil just yet”–Bill Parcells. He plays in a very high percentage pass offense. He made 3 really good throws against Dallas, only game I watched.

  15. He’s having a good rookie season but what’s the hurry to define him as the “best” just past the mid point of his rookie season? Do Pats fans need the affirmation that badly?

  16. Just like Brady in his early NE years, not asked to do much. Game managing at its best, which is actually a good thing. If you have the pieces around you and great coaching.

  17. So out the 10 games the Pats have only one win (vs Chargers) against a good team … relax with the Belichick SB appearance.

  18. ” The 49ers, Jets, Panthers, are all probably wishing they had chosen differently…”

    And the Bears and the Jags…
    …He dropped into New England’s lap once all the “smart” guys passed him by…

  19. Next year and the year after watch that YPA climb and climb. By year three he will have his Randy Moss either via the draft or free agency and then.. look out.

  20. “Is it too early to dream about a Belichick vs Brady super bowl”

    Yes at least for this year. No rookie QB has ever made it to the Super Bowl, though a handful have made it to conference Championship games.

    Plus its so hard to repeat that its unlikely the Bucs will make it back there this season.

  21. More proof the NE system is all Belichick with Tom Brady front running on a Bucs loaded team and just got lucky
    Bill could’ve taken that Bucs team to the SB with Winston

  22. One thing that has been really overlooked is the Patriots got Jones and didn’t have to sell their future by trading away a couple of years of draft picks.

  23. laxcoach37 says:
    Check Down Charlie. 7.2 yds Average. Among the lowest in the NFL.
    These are some of other QB’s yards per attempt in the league; C. Wentz 7.0, P. Mahomes 7.0, K. Cousins 7.2, J. Herbert 7.2, A. Rodgers 7.4, R. Tannehill 7.5, J. Allan 7.5, T. Brady 7.6, L. Jackson 7.9. I guess every other QB in the NFL is a Check Down Charlie. Jones is also the only rookie on this list, what is wrong with these other QB’s!

  24. Yes Mac came from a great system at Alabama and landed in a great situation with the Patriots but you are not supposed to be this advanced in processing information as a 23 year old rookie. It’s really amazing to watch.

  25. Jones does not care about any stat but one, and you can save the awards. It is still a team game.

  26. Completion percentage is a misleading stat. Give me a QB with a lower completion percentage but higher YPA and TDs than a player who completes a lot of 6 yard passes.

  27. Yeah, great percentage, and he’ll also break the all time record for completions to a running back

  28. well according to all the DAK haters, DAK is horrible so nothing to talk about…LOL…right Philly???

  29. Mac is just another Lamar without the running game lol. Approximately 9 total passes a game, check down style, to keep the stats looking “efficient”

  30. The Pat’s have found another qb to build around and the haters continue the jealousy and envy it’s sad why cant y’all love you’re own team more then you hate the Patriots? Remember jealousy and envy are incurable diseases.

  31. How are there people that haven’t figured out you can’t throw the ball 30 yards every play? Throw the ball short and let your playmakers make plays. God I think the world gets more and more insane.

  32. So Mac Jones completed 19 of 23 attempts in Sunday’s blow out win against Cleveland for 198 yards and three touchdowns,but it’s a “ 2 yard” offense? Wow, that’s some crazy math!

  33. I can see that fans of other teams are at a boiling point….. the Patriots have yet again struck pay dirt with their selection of Mac Jones…..& what must really hurt is tat they did it after just one year & they didn’t give up any future draft capital to do it…… JUST AMAZING!!!!
    Go Pats!!!

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