Mike Tomlin: Mason Rudolph did what we expected him to do

NFL: NOV 14 Lions at Steelers
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Sunday’s game against the Lions didn’t end with the result the Steelers were looking for, but head coach Mike Tomlin didn’t pin the result on the last minute quarterback change that the team had to deal with this weekend.

Ben Roethlisberger tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday, which left Mason Rudolph to make his first start of the season on short notice. Rudolph went 30-of-50 for 242 yards, a touchdown, and an interception in the 16-16 tie and Tomlin said after the game that he thought Rudolph gave them an opportunity to earn a victory.

“He did what we expected him to do,” Tomlin said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “He gave us a chance to win, but that’s not the first opportunity for him. This guy has been at it for a while, so we expected him to play well, and we thought he gave us a chance to win.”

There’s a good chance that Roethlisberger will miss Week 11’s trip to face the Chargers as well and the Steelers will need more than a chance to win that game in order to boost their position in the AFC playoff race.

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  1. I don’t know what Tomlin was selling but if it was any team other than the Lions that was a loss. I have never seen 2 teams try so hard to lose and fail at it.

  2. He did what we expected him to do…we expected him to play well.


    I have a hard time reconciling those two statements that was a terrible quarterback performance and just an awful game to watch. Pittsburgh’s not very good

  3. He did what the fans expected him to do too — lose. Mason had a hand-made audition for the lead role and came up short. The Steelers are still in search of an understudy. Next man up.

  4. The important thing to focus on is could this tie be the thing that continues Tomlin’s “no under .500 seasons” in a 17 game season?

  5. But you didn’t win coach….against the worst team in the league! Embarrassing yet acceptable for Tomlin. Maybe it’s time for him to go somewhere they don’t want to win and get a coach for the Steelers that wants to win.

  6. “Mason, you have ten minutes to not get us into field goal range.”

    Good job!

  7. How about that both the Steelers and Lions had players that didn’t know the NFL’s overtime rules? What other rules don’t they know? Way to prep your players coaches! Lions HC Campbell kind of gets a pass b/c this is his 1st real HC gig but what’s Tomlin’s excuse? He’s been the Steelers HC for what, 14 years and he’s still bad at time management and TO use.

  8. steelers are like every other team now and they are going to need to draft a QB next off season.

  9. Mason didn’t fumble the ball twice in OT. Steelers played a sloppy game in sloppy conditions. I don’t think you can pin all of this on Rudolph

  10. Rudolph convinced me that he might just be the worst professional QB in the NFL. Guy can’t throw with pace on the ball, takes forever to make a decision, his release takes an hour and accuracy/timing are horrible.

  11. He didn’t look great, but it’s not his fault that two of his receivers fumbled in or near field goal range. He missed some throws for sure, and he seemed to be reluctant to force anything down field. I don’t know how much of that was the gameplan. The weather was a factor too. He looked like a backup quarterback.

  12. Another Tomlin Special – Defense played terrible, Special Teams were a joke, and the offense only threw 1 yard passes no matter the down and distance. His players took to social media to say they need to take practice more seriously. The team has been and will continue to be undisciplined and underachieve. But hey he found a way to go 8-8 in a 17 game season. SMH

  13. Silver Linings Playbook II

    They know that the Mason jar is a glass half empty.

    Haskins has not.

    Time for (Kenny) Pickett’s Charge.

    We lost our hometown QBS to other teams…Unitas (we cut), Broadway Joe, Joe (not from) Montana, Danny Boy Marino……let’s keep Kenny in the ‘Burgh!

  14. let’s see… he hasn’t has real game time since preseason. Ben tested positive late in the week, so he got what, one day of first team reps. top 2 receivers are out. line is below average. bad weather. defense wasn’t ready to play. bad play calls…. yea, the outcome was all his fault.

  15. The Lions were without their kicker. If he’d been able to play, Detroit has their first win. That or if Goff could throw the ball.

  16. RoaminGabriel says:
    November 15, 2021 at 12:18 pm
    The Lions were without their kicker. If he’d been able to play, Detroit has their first win. That or if Goff could throw the ball.
    And the Steelers did not have their starting quarterback, two of three starting defensive lineman, lost their best cornerback and best pass rusher during the game. And if they didn’t fumble twice they would have won. It is an idiotic claim either way to say either team would have won because neither team did. Let’s just deal with reality.

  17. And Tomlin did what we expected him to do….

    Tomlin did what he could do faced with losing two starting O linemen , an All Pro in TJ Watt and CB Joe Haden. Not sure what the genius Gruden wannabe would suggest he do….nothing based on his football knowledge just his hatred of Tomlin.

    Tebow troll your material is really sad time to pay to feed the pet parrot smarter food.

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