Robert Saleh on Rex Ryan: He knows where to find me, he’s always got something to say

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts
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Jets coach Robert Saleh responded today to the harsh criticism former Jets coach Rex Ryan doled out on ESPN.

“I’ve never met Rex. I’ve never had a conversation with Rex. I don’t even know him, except for people who know him throughout the league. Obviously, if it’s that personal for him, he knows where to find me,” Saleh said on the Michael Kay Show.

Ryan ripped into Saleh for the Jets’ poor defensive performance and suggested that he was insulted even to be mentioned in the same sentence as Saleh, saying, “Don’t ever compare this guy to me, this Robert Saleh to me.” Saleh said he wasn’t surprised by Ryan’s comments.

“I’m not surprised by him. He’s always got something to say,” Saleh said.

The only way for Saleh to silence criticism is to get his team playing better. With recent losses by scores of 54-13 to the Patriots, 45-30 to the Colts and 45-17 to the Bills, you don’t have to be a loudmouth like Rex Ryan to have something to say about Saleh’s defense.

61 responses to “Robert Saleh on Rex Ryan: He knows where to find me, he’s always got something to say

  1. I would rather watch a fight between Robert Saleh and Rex Ryan than to watch the Jets again this year.

  2. I’m no Jets fan, but Saleh is trying to coach a team with minimal, if any talented players on the roster at all. He is going to need a few drafts and free agency cycles to try to right that ship.

  3. Rex is just mad because they show Saleh on the sidelines 15 times every quarter and they only showed him twice a game.

  4. This guy has his heart set on the Lions job. He thought he was a shoo-in. I never got the impression he wanted the Jets job once the Lions passed on him.

  5. Rex Ryan put up more of a fight against Belichick his first season against him than Saleh did that’s no lie. Rex might be a big mouth who hypes himself up too much but he is not wrong here.

  6. Well, Rex Ryan did somehow manage to get the Jets to within one score of winning the AFC championship game with Mark Sanchez as the quarterback. The Jets and Mark Sanchez. Let that sink in again for a minute.

  7. Yeah some of Ryan’s defenses were god awful the last few years he was coaching he’s got nothing to crow about here.

  8. Im fairness to Rex, he deserves another chance. I think he would do well in Denver or Minnesota. Players kinda do like him.

  9. I mean Rex has a point….he did coach the Jets to 2 consecutive AFC championship games with Mark Sanchez. So,there’s that.

  10. “Don’t ever compare this guy to me, this Robert Saleh to me.”

    Rex is a legend in his own mind.

    Saleh had better defenses in Seattle and with the Niners than Rex ever had. What a blowhard. And Rex……last time I looked, the Jets were paying Saleh $5M and nobody in the NFL wants to hire you…at all.

  11. The last time the Jets or Buccaneers won their division was 2002. It’s not easy to turn those types of franchises around.

    It took the Bucs hiring a 2-time NFL Coach of the Year and 6-time SB winning QB, to turn things around while still technically losing the division.

  12. “He knows where to find me” – come on, you have to be bigger than that. Rex is a blowhard, but Saleh has to be more professional.

  13. Saleh should’ve just said “point taken” as he has no defense (literally and figuratively)

    “He’s always got something to say,” Saleh said.
    Maybe Saleh’s problem is that he has nothing to say. I’ve never seen him speak on the sideline (except to officials). Never addresses his coaches or coaches his players. Where are the in game adjustments. We used to blast Gase for always looking at his clipboard, but at least it looked like was doing SOMETHING.

  14. That’s right, don’t compare Saleh to Ryan who would never coached a team in the NFL without nepotism.

  15. razzlejag says:
    November 15, 2021 at 4:44 pm
    Rex is just mad because they show Saleh on the sidelines 15 times every quarter and they only showed him twice a game.

    Thats because Saleh is a fine looking man. Rex doesn’t offer as much in that area.

  16. Rex Ryan was a really good defensive coordinator and a decent HC for a while w/ NYJ’s. The longer he stayed w/ the Jets the worse they got though. Only had two years in Buffalo and was never given much of a chance.

  17. Rex inherited a 9-7 team from the Mangenius and guess what? He went 9-7 that year.

    Yeah, he lost 2 afccg’s, but overall, he went on to compile a 46-50 record with the Jets. He was under .500 in Buffalo, too, and was bad enough to get fired midseason.
    Maybe Saleh will do better. Maybe he won’t.

    But there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the team Saleh inherited — the post-Gase 2-14 model — was a much bigger trainwreck than the one Rex inherited.

    So it looks to me like Rex needs to shut it.

  18. Saleh just warmed this dolphins fans heart. Nobody could stand fat rex back in the day and I’m suprised to hear his insignificant noise now

  19. Saleh is a terrible coach and always has been. In SF it was all talent based success. Look at the D-line he had in SF. How was there defence last year when some talent went down. He couldn’t scheme to stop a bunny rabbit. Sometimes it’s the player and sometimes it’s scheme. Owners seriously need to learn the difference.

  20. The Jets don’t have a lot of talent, thanks to prior GM. A few years of bad drafts really hurts. Joe Douglas has made a few moves, a lot did not work out. The Jets are still the youngest team in the league. Throw in a ton of critical injuries to a team without much depth, and its not a good combination. Remember, they lost their top FA Carl Lawson in Training camp, star left tackle in the first game, then a few more veterans on defense, a few safeties, some LBs, it stinks.

    That being said, they did pick up some good players in the last draft, and have a ton more picks coming. And it looks like they made a great decision to move on from Sam Darnold and actually have more draft picks coming for Darnold-including a 2nd rounder in the next draft. Is anybody going to give Carolina a 2nd round pick for Darnold now?

    The jury is obviously still out on Zac Wilson, but, clearly Darnold has kind of played himself in a career backup role at this point. Maybe not even that.

    Pretty much everything that could go wrong for the Jets has gone wrong. And it is a new, young coaching staff–first time HC, and new OC.

    They can try to blow it up after a year, but I don’t think the results would be any different until they can bring in more talent in the next draft. And they can figure out if Wilson will be worthy of his draft status.

    If Gase got two years, Saleh and his staff should as well.

    With regard to Rex, does he remember the defense he had in buffalo in his second year? I think his defense gave up 200 yards rushing, more than once!

  21. Rex’s credibility is demonstrated by all of the teams falling over each other to hire him as a head coach.

  22. Nothing like a twice fired former coach, who lost more games than he won, evaluating other head coaches halfway thru their first year.

  23. Saleh must be really feeling the pressure if he is letting Rex Ryan get to him. Act like a grown up Robert it’s only the media.

  24. Defensive mastermind gives up 150 points in 3 games and gets salty about criticism lol, this dude is cooked.

  25. I enjoyed watching Saleh on the sidelines for SF and he seemed to be a great DC, but man, he is over his head as a HC so far.

  26. I’d take Rex back in a minute rather then keep watching all the losing the past few years. The Jets are never going to win though as long as the clueless Johnsons own the team.

  27. I have seen Rex at the gym and he is ripped. I’m taking him over Saleh

    Saleh is Gus Bradley 2.0. The difference is that Bradley set the Jaguars back 4 years but nothing can be done to ruin the Jets. That job is done.

  28. Saleh inherited a 2-14 team. It is unfair to judge him halfway through his first year, with a rookie QB and most of the same players that went 2-14.

  29. Rex Ryan is the KING of “If I had a quarterback” “If I had that defense” “If I had so and so” Rex – you make good money doing what you’re doing but as a coach? You’ve been weighed, you’ve been measured and you’ve been found wanting. BB owns your life bud.

  30. supercharger says:
    November 15, 2021 at 4:45 pm
    This guy has his heart set on the Lions job. He thought he was a shoo-in. I never got the impression he wanted the Jets job once the Lions passed on him.
    You got a lot of down votes but you’re absolutely correct. Saleh grew up a Lions fan right on the outskirts of Detroit. It was his dream job to try and turn his childhood team into a winner. I remember Detroit fans being upset that he went to the Jets.

  31. Rex is a great defensive mind . I’d love to see my Eagles hire him as the defensive coordinator.

  32. C’mon folks, Ryan inherited at team that had winning seasons 9 of 11 years prior. Saleh has taken over a team that won two games last year Ryan had zero winning seasons after that second playoff appearance. Lets not get it twisted like the Jets were premiere under him. He had TWO winning years out of six as coach.

  33. Rex inherited a team coached / staffed by former Belichick protégé Mangini. That team had a lot of mature, savvy veterans who played with heart and took the field expecting to win. They got lucky one year. One of the years they ended up in the AFCCG they n have qualified for the playoffs had Manning not sat out the last game of the season.

  34. Giving the edge to Ryan . His go to move is the spinning toe hold and based on what we have seen Saleh wouldn’t be able to defend against it .

  35. Rex inherited a descent Jet team Mangini was building. He went 9-7 and 11-5 in his first two years. In the next 6 years after (4 Jets 2 Buffalo) he never finished better then 8-8 His Jet record 61-66. So Rex should ease up on a rookie head coach or at least look in a mirror before he talks crap.

  36. Bill Belichick’s record without Tom Brady is 63-75. Rex Ryan’s coaching record is 61-66.

  37. Rex took over two defenses that were already built at Jets and Bills, and eventually screwed them both up.
    Saleh took over a terrible defense.
    So Rex why don’t you shut your trap!

  38. That Jets D outside of CJ Mosely, has no real talent. Not that it should be an excuse, but any offense with two skilled players are going to find a matchup they like.

  39. Rex Ryan, like Jon Gruden are mediocre coaches at best without Bill Callahan coordinating their running games and pass protections. I really think Robert Saleh belongs at USC. He’s a great leader, teacher , great at player development, and would be a powerhouse recruiter.

  40. Loudmouth Ryan and his career losing record criticizing another coach is hilarious.

  41. Mangini getting canned, when he did not want Favre in the first place, is why this whole chain exists. Rex is paid to make confrontational opinionated comments. Saleh should have ignored it. If the Johnson family gives JD/RS 3-4 years, they at least are giving them a chance. If the team is not 10-7 or better by 2023, these might not be the guys.

  42. Would have been a great opportunity for Saleh to tell Rex to stick a foot in his mouth.

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