Sean Payton, without commenting on any specific roughing-the-passer penalty: “The foul’s called ‘roughing'”

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans
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On Sunday, Saints coach Sean Payton wisely avoided commenting on a game-changing non-roughing-the-passer call against his team. On Monday, Payton tiptoed toward providing some insight.

“Look, the foul’s called ‘roughing,” Payton said on WWL-AM, via Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I can’t talk about any one foul that’s called. But that’s a big call at that point in the game. . . . It is what it is.”

It definitely is what it is. And what it is is a freaking mess.

It’s a Magic 8 Ball. A throw of a dart. A wing and a prayer. There’s too much subjectivity, and the discretion that comes from that subjectivity is routinely being abused. “Roughing” is being called in the absence of any actual roughing.

Whether through a sky judge, full-time officials, other possibilities, or some combination of options, the league needs to do better. The league, however, is too cheap to do better. And, frankly, too arrogant to see the downside of not trying to do better.

6 responses to “Sean Payton, without commenting on any specific roughing-the-passer penalty: “The foul’s called ‘roughing'”

  1. Again I don’t here you crying when you got those two weak roughing the passer calls vs TB a few weeks ago.

  2. Most companies try to avoid cheapening the product too much to avoid losing customers: not the NFL.

  3. Did he hit him in the head? Yeah, a finger tip or two made contact with the very bottom of his helmet. It was a cheap call and probably not what was meant when the rule was made. I think that’s the problem with the NFL in general, highlighted by the officiating, it’s just not reasonable anymore.

  4. Not just league too arrogant, some officials are too arrogant to admit error by reversing a bad call.

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