Mac Jones: We’re confident, we know the formula for winning games

NFL: NOV 14 Browns at Patriots
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The Patriots won their fourth straight game when they routed the Browns 45-7 on Sunday and they’ve outscored their opponents 150-50 over that span.

It’s a run that has put their 2-4 start well in the rearview mirror and it’s one that suggests the Patriots have found an identity that works for them on both sides of the ball. Quarterback Mac Jones agreed with that sentiment during a Monday appearance on WEEI while adding that the team can’t be complacent because they’ve found a winning groove.

“We’re confident and we know what the formula is for winning the game,” Jones said. “We just have to continue to do that. We can’t be satisfied with where we’re at. Where not where we want to be and we’re going to continue to work every day and this week is a quick week. We’ve got to be ready to go for the game Thursday.”

The Patriots currently occupy the sixth spot in the AFC playoff standings and are behind the 6-3 Bills in the AFC East. They still play Buffalo twice and staying on their current trajectory into those contests will lead to many thoughts about them reclaiming the top spot in the division after a one-year break.

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  1. The formula includes good QB play. Every winning formula does. As young QBs grow up, they get better. Jones is still a very long way away, but you’re starting to see glimpses. It’s fun watching the QBs grow up. Jones is in a near perfect environment for growth. Where the Jets’ QB situation is completely opposite.

  2. Seems that the in-game coaching, as opposed to the game planning which has and is always stellar, has gotten back to where they need to be, very mediocre to start the season, as has the talent on the field is. Great to see this team is rounding into form at the right time and Mac is looking legit.

  3. I can’t imagine how it must feel for the other teams to see the next Brady sprout, once again, in NE!
    Mac is a stud of a QB. Smart. Tough. Resilient.
    Anyone who hasn’t seen his TD pass to Bourne against Cleveland. . . go watch it. You won’t see a more perfectly thrown ball.

  4. Here is the formula:
    1. Don’t turn the ball over
    2. Don’t have penalties
    3. Protect your quarterback

  5. 150-50 is fairly compelling. After a rough start, the defense is molding into what we hoped they would be. JM did a masterful job of brining Jones along, game by game. Henry and the new receivers have made a mark. If NE can take even one of the Bills games it will send shivers up the hater-network.

  6. Jones hasn’t faced a defense like the Bills yet. He’s in for a treat. Allen will give Pats d fits. Get ready for some phone throwing.

  7. LOL. Just when the Bills thought they own the division after Brady’s departure here comes Mac Jones and the Patriots. Looks like the Bills missed their window last year when they choked at Arrowhead in the AFCC game. They would have been a much better matchup against the Bucs than the Chiefs with their backup tackles. Now the Patriots are back, the division is very much in play and if the Patriots make the playoffs they will be a very tough out for any team.

  8. This guy says the bills will give the Patriots fits. The same bills that scored 6 on the Jaguars? Maybe the bills will be a problem but their recent loss to the Jaguars makes me think they’re not what you think

  9. The formula is everything that happens between the time one game ends and the next begins as well as “do your job” during a game. So yeah, the Patriot way as a whole.

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