Pete Carroll has “some gripes” about Sunday’s officiating

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
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The Seahawks were shut out on Sunday for the first time since quarterback Russell Wilson came to Seattle in 2012 and head coach Pete Carroll shared misgivings about a handful of calls made by officials on Monday.

Carroll was on 710 ESPN to go over the 17-0 loss to the Packers and said that he has “some gripes” with how officials handled the game. The first was the change of a spot on a Russell Wilson run in the first quarter that went from a first down to a fourth-and-one. There was an injury timeout after the play and the spot switched after what Carroll called “minutes and minutes and minutes,” which was beyond the “like 20 seconds to make those decisions to overturn a call that might have been wrong on the field.”

After Aaron Rodgers fumbled a snap in the second quarter, officials ruled the Packers recovered but Carroll believes defensive end Darrell Taylor “had it from the moment that ball’s on the ground” and that Rodgers reached underneath him for the ball. Finally, there was an interception by Kevin King in the end zone in the third quarter that was reviewed and upheld after the ball came out as King came down. Carroll said the “guy’s got to finish the catch and I don’t know why that was looked at in that manner.”

“They were such a big part of the game yesterday,” Carroll said, via Brady Henderson of “They were a huge part of the game yesterday. So in an effort to try to make sure that we’re really on the same page and we’re working through it and we call the game together in a sense, you work at it during the course of the game. I’ve known some of these guys for a long time and they always show respect and I try to show respect, too. They’ve got a job to do and we’ve got a job to do, and we’ve got to figure it out. We don’t always see eye to eye, that’s for darn sure, and that happened yesterday.”

The Seahawks only had 208 yards of offense in the loss and the defense couldn’t make stops in the fourth quarter that would have given Seattle a chance to steal the game late, so there were plenty of reasons to have gripes about how things played out on Sunday.

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  1. Pete is right on this one, to a degree. Multiple really bad calls (or 50/50 judgement calls, at best) consistently went the Packers’ way. It did not feel balanced. That seems to be how it goes at Lambeau.
    But you can’t complain about the calls when you’re only down by three points deep in the second half, you get a tremendous momentum-shifting stop on third down, and Carlos Dunlap takes a shoe that had been kicked off during the play and heaves it down the field, giving the Pack a fresh set of downs and leading to a TD.

  2. That’s pretty funny. So “Cheat” Carroll doesn’t like the officiating. I remember him saying after the “fail Mary” game, one of the worst calls ever, “good call, good call” and thinking what a tool this guy is

  3. Let’s gripe about calling a timeout with 12 seconds left in the game when trailing by 17 points. Let’s gripe about the officials during the “Fail Mary” call.

  4. No wonder the Seahawks aren’t playing that well. Whining Pete should coach better, keep Metcalf under control, not have players throw shoes for penalties, run the ball more and make sure his all pro qb is ready to play after surgery. If none of that works .. complain about the refs.

  5. I’m a Packers fan but I have to agree with Pete Carroll on all three calls. I’m beginning to realize what other teams, especially teams in the NFC North, have said for years that the Packers tend to get more calls from the refs than the opponent.

    But, life goes on.

  6. The same guy who said the fail Mary was the right call? Here’s some tissue, Pete. Cry me a River.

  7. time for pete to ride off into the sunset. his players are completely out of control (see metcalf’s antics every game) and the game has now passed him by.

  8. When stinky Pete and the Seahawks lose, the NFL and the fans win. Seattle is back in last place, where they belong.

  9. Agree with him on the first down respot. Not on the fumbled snap or the pick. But, quite frankly Pete, your whole NFL rebirth was launched by the “fail Mary” play, so any gripes you have about calls when your playing the Pack are minuscule at best

  10. Pete, they don’t want to get all the calls right. If they did, they’d hire an independent firm to handle officiating, and they’d employ all the available technology. They could do it without slowing down the games. In fact, it would speed it up in some cases where they have those long replay delays, even though we could see the right call from our couch 3 seconds after the play was over. Just enjoy the money and keep competing. Control what you can control. It’s a big business with a lot of money at stake. You’re living pretty well from it.

  11. Every single team in the league can find 3 calls or non calls every week that change the course of the games. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I can sympathize.

    Not sure about the first one, assume the sky judge or whatever said he was short of the first down. The King INT was complete, the ball didn’t immediately come loose when he hit the ground. The fumbled snap is tie goes to the offense. Kind of like the fail Mary play where simultaneous possession occurred if anything.

  12. No, Pete, you lost beacuse you left your offense in Seattle.

    In fact, I’m not sure its there either. Might want to file a missing persons report.

  13. This is ridiculous. The Packers have been getting shafted by terrible calls all season, and he’s complaining because the right calls were made? Russel Wilson was clearly down before the down marker and while it should never have been called a 1st down to begin with, they got the call right in the end. Aaron Rodgers was the first person on the ball he fumbled and had complete control of the ball before the DT jumped in there and ripped the ball out of Rodgers’ hands. By that point, he was already down by contact and of course the DT came out of the pile with it, he’s got 100lbs on Rodgers. Last, King caught the ball in the endzone standing up. The second his feet touched the ground it was an interception. Metcalf tackled him after he was already considered to have possession, even Tony Romo, a quarterback, agreed with that call as well as the chief of officiating they called about the play. It would’ve been a touchdown if a receiver caught the ball the same way. Cry about it some more, Carroll. You remember the fail mary that you “knew” was a touchdown and was a “good call?”

  14. The NFL likes to control the narrative as much as possible. Of course the “Last Dance” team is going to get all the calls, as they want to give them the #1 seed. A lot easier to make favorable calls for the home team in the playoffs.

  15. I agree. If the Refs had called a fair game, the Packers would have been up 14-0 at halftime, and won 31-0.

  16. So let me get this straight if someone catches the ball in the endzone goes to the the ground with knees touching someone can come in a rip the ball out and the refs are suppose to call it incomplete? I can understand if the impact of him falling to the ground and it jars loose.

    Also Wilsons knee was down before the marker, you can see pictures of it all over the place. The reason Seattle is struggling this season is NOT the referees.

  17. cheeseisfattening says:
    November 16, 2021 at 11:07 am
    How is Pete unaware of the Packers having refs give them calls every game?

    Getting an early start. Good for you.

  18. Hey, cut it out! The Vikings are the only team allowed to complain about the officiating.

  19. The real problem will never be known. Do refs make deliberate bad calls to favor a particular home team? Plainly speaking, are they paid off in some way? No one will ever forget the Seattle-Pittsburgh Super Bowl.

    Green Bay is better than Seattle, no doubt. But the really bad call was the recovery. Tayolr fell on the ball was completely on top of it, came up out of the pile with it and Green bay was given the ball. Come on, even a 5/20 vision could have spotted that. It’s an eternal problem, human error, that changes the course of a game. Umpires, calling ball and strikes the same, can change a game with a few bad calls. But I will always wonder if refs are influenced in some way to ‘throw’ a game.

  20. PETE CARROLL complaining about the officiating in a Seattle-Green Bay game?!

    I’d break out the Bender “laugh harder” routine, but why beat a dead horse?

  21. The worst call, that Pete discussed but didn’t make it into this article, was a purely phantom holding call on Damien Lewis. He got plain run over and the defender fell on top of him. Not even close to holding. With the score at 3-0, it pushed Seattle out of FG range.
    With that said, Seattle knows they always have to play good enough to beat the other team AND the refs, every game they play. Stupid mistakes like throwing a shoe, grabbing face masks, etc. won’t let them do that.

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