Ravens release Le’Veon Bell

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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The Ravens are moving on from Le'Veon Bell.

The running back posted a goodbye message to social media on Tuesday, which was followed by multiple reports of his release from the club.

“This hurts, but it’s been a blessing to be here to say the least, I’ve enjoyed every second of this short period & gotta whole new meaning of what this city is like & it’s a great place to be,” Bell posted to Twitter. “I appreciate Eric [DeCosta] & John Harbaugh for the opportunity to be called [a] Raven.”

The Ravens signed Bell after a string of injuries to their running backs room. He appeared in five games this season, amassing 83 yards on 31 carries with a pair of touchdowns. While Bell played 42 percent of the offensive snaps in Baltimore’s loss to Miami last Thursday, he had only three carries for 1 yard.

Bell’s most productive performance was the week before, when he had 48 yards on 11 carries in Baltimore’s win over Minnesota.

The Ravens haven’t had Latavius Murray for the last three games due to an ankle injury. Bell’s release could be a harbinger of his potential return for the Week 11 contest against the Bears.

37 responses to “Ravens release Le’Veon Bell

  1. He turned down the Steelers because he wanted more guaranteed money, which the Jets gave him (between $25m and $30m depending on who you believe). So it worked out pretty good for Bell as he got his guaranteed money and pretty good for the Steelers as they got his best years without overpaying for them.

    And it worked out for the Jets like it always works out for the Jets….

  2. Never understood how he made it off PS – looked slow and done – we still have very little at RB and aren’t going to find one at this point – see us finishing season around .500 maybe a game or two over – too many injuries and no cap space to sign decent replacements

  3. If Bell is smart with his money, he’ll be able to retire in luxury and spend his ample free time thinking about the Hall of Fame career he could’ve had.

  4. lol!

    what an all time loser

    Like Revis, spent more time holding out and being injured than living up to a reputation.

  5. I think Bill made a mistake now he handled the Steelers situation. There was no reason to not believe the Steelers would have kept him on the roster and paid him his contract as time went on unless he had a career ending injury. And then look what they did with shazier. I recall the Steelers offered him a higher annual base salary then the annual guaranteed salary he signed for. It’s just a shame how things turned out.

  6. People mock tomlin for not winning with brown and bell.

    Seems like he got more then anyone else could of out of them.

  7. This guy lost a boatload of money and legacy by not staying a Steeler. That would have had lifetime earning opportunities attached to it as well. It irrevocably derailed his career. He must have been advised poorly, or completely ignored solid advice.

  8. Come to the Browns so we can release you too. Bengals, you’re on deck. Oh, completely random stuff here but never leave two women in your home while you’re at the gym and never hold out when more money than you’re worth. You do you LeVeon.

  9. I thought it was common knowledge that LaVerne LaBelle was all that and a bag of chips (and a five pound shrink wrapped block of individually wrapped sliced non-american cheese!

    What has really happened is Lame did not take kindly to having a player on the roster who thought he was the lead running back. I knew this wasn’t going to work. Now Lame can practice being the running back he truly is all while dressing up everyday in his QB Halloween costume!

  10. To the guy above that said the jets contract worked out good for him, he lost an entire season of $14 million dollars pay that he never recouped…..and turned down a multi year offer from Pittsburgh…..destroying his career in the process. He was never an effective running back again.

  11. Hope he’s not one of those now former players with 8-15 kids via 8-15 baby mothers as they will all burn through his hopefully saved bucks pretty quick and yes should have stayed with the steelers as it all seemed to go downhill afterwards from superstar to the now present washed up just another guy.

  12. It is clear that Bell lost a ton of money by leaving Pittsburgh. First he sat out a year and lost a guaranteed amount around $15M. Then realize that he would have continued to be highly productive in Pittsburgh for a couple more years and would have almost certainly earned out at least all but the last year of his contract. Then he becomes a Pittsburgh legend and can make money off that for a lifetime. Ask Franco or Bettis. He bet on himself, and he still made plenty of money, but he probably lost out on $25M without even considering the long term endorsement opportunities.

  13. He sure fell off the face of the earth quick. That year-long holdout didn’t seem to work out as well for him as he had hoped.

  14. appreciate his good attitude. I was against picking up in the first place. Heis passed his prime.

  15. Steelers got his best years, but still think he, and the Steelers, would have been better off staying in Pitt. He never recovered from the time off and never played the same after the Jets over-paid him. Turns out he was just a flash in the pan.

  16. I’m a big Harbs fan, one of the top 5 coaches in the league. My issue is with his personnel decisions. The Bell experiment was doomed from Day 1, yet he played him til the end of a game we lost when we had another RB on the bench averaging 5.5 ypc with significant more burst and upside, exactly what you want when you’re in a deep whole. Baltimore was beat in every aspect of the Miami game and replacing Bell wasn’t going to win the game. But, he was so inept during this and previous games, Harbs had to know this was the end of the line. Why make a point at the expense of a Loss? Bell should have been inactive for the game and then released.

    One other comment, we miss Ozzie. Ozzie understood how you win in this league, especially in the AFC North where all stadiums are outdoors and the weather starts to get bad. You do it with big, tough guys starting at the OL & DL. Baltimore’s lines on both sides of the ball are not good. DeCosta needs to stop with bringing in over-the-hill names and so-called speedsters and focus on the formula that has worked in the past. We don’t want to become “Baltimore’s Football Team”.

  17. I think he would be more productive than either of Pittsburgh’s current back ups, Snell and McFarland. I wouldn’t object to him being brought in as the ‘give Najee a breather’ back if he knows how to control his mouth/ego!

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