Report: Amazon eyes Al Michaels, Troy Aikman for Thursday night “dream team”

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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Troy Aikman may continue to be working on Thursday nights, after all.

Fox yields the midweek package after 2021 to Amazon. According to Michael McCarthy of, however, Amazon is eyeing Aikman for its production of the Thursday night package.

The “dream team” would consist of Aikman as the commentator and Al Michaels providing the play-by-play call. Michaels, whose NBC contract expires after the current season, has been linked to the new Thursday night production for months. In September, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported that Michaels is “90 percent” likely to take the gig.

The Amazon broadcast will change the viewing experience. The short-week games in 2022 will be available on broadcast channels in the local markets of the teams that are playing. Everywhere else, the games can be seen only with an Amazon Prime account.

The experiment will sacrifice potentially millions of eyeballs, in theory. The challenge for Amazon becomes reaching as many fans as possible and getting them to change their viewing habits, watching a streaming service instead of a three-letter over-the-air network.

Even then, it could will take years to generate the same numbers that Fox and, before that, NBC and CBS have routinely harvested with Thursday Night Football.

28 responses to “Report: Amazon eyes Al Michaels, Troy Aikman for Thursday night “dream team”

  1. I did not realize how much I liked Al Michael’s until I heard him on the Manning cast.

    Along with Troy Aikman‘s neutral and insightful color commentary this would be a dream team.

  2. Troy Aikman as part of a dream team?
    Good lord!
    The one voice and opinions I hate to hear the most.

  3. I think Michaels has long since seen his best days as an announcer, and Aikman is just bad at what he does. I wish the networks would hire professionally trained football announcers. I want to see the game on the field. I’m not interested in some big name ex-player stumbling through a broadcast. There are guys like Bob Fitzgerald, from the San Francisco Bay Area who are better than anyone currently doing pro football games. Kirk Herbstreit, from college, is better than anyone doing pro games. Most ex-players are very poorly prepared. Jon Gruden was good. He studied. He knew what was going on. Most of these guys aren’t into hard work, and it shows.

  4. The Thursday night team as it stands is 10x better than the Monday night broadcast. I’d rather listen to Greg Olsen bungle through halftime analysis than listen to a whole broadcast on ESPN.

  5. Wow, that would be incredible. But trying to be a hater but I’ve never been a fan of either Buck or Collingsworth for various reasons. This would truly be a can’t miss pairing.

  6. Al Michaels is a legend but he hasn’t been on top of his game for years. I’d say he should retire but with these networks throwing cash at him I can’t blame him for hanging around.

  7. Any plans on making it a better competition, or are we going to listen to Michaels calli one of the guaranteed worst games of the week alongside Aikman and thank heaven that at least it isn’t Monday night on ESPN?

  8. Amazon? Bezos Amazon? All the sudden, i am absolutely famished.. 😉

  9. michaels is nearly 100, Aikman has been around forever too, why not get some fresh voices in there? I/m closing on 60, so don’t blame the millenials

  10. AL Michaels is great, cannot stand to listen to Troy whatsoever, he’s more and more like a negative Nancy

  11. Ugh.
    Aikman is turrible. If he’s considered to be part of a dream team, I’d hate to see what the nightmare would sound like…

  12. Personally, I would love you to give Randy Moss a shot. I might not have been a true fan of his on the field, but I love his commentary on the Monday Night Pre-game. My god, please DO NOT take anyone from CBS

  13. I can’t believe I agree with a guy whose named purpleisjustwrong, but I’ll take Michaels in a heartbeat, yet Aikman brings nothing.

  14. Maybe it’s the mere proximity to Joe Buck, who ruins every broadcast he’s on in both football and baseball with his unique combination of obnoxiousness and vapidity, but I don’t get the hate toward Aikman. Most of the time his insights are on point and interesting.

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