Sean McVay: Next 12 days important for Odell Beckham, Von Miller

NFL: NOV 15 Rams at 49ers
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The Rams acquired edge rusher Von Miller in a Nov. 1 trade with the Broncos. They signed receiver Odell Beckham Jr. last Friday. The players were supposed to make the Rams the league’s newest “Dream Team.”

Their debuts, though, delivered only disappointment as the Rams lost for the second consecutive week.

The Rams began 7-1 and now head into their bye 7-3.

Miller, who was coming back from a sprained left ankle that had kept him out of action since Oct. 21, played 45 of 68 defensive snaps. He had three tackles, including a tackle for loss.

Beckham played 15 of 55 offensive snaps and made two catches for 18 yards. His miscommunication with Matthew Stafford on the team’s first drive resulted in Jimmie Ward‘s first interception.

“I think Von did a nice job. You could see him kind of feeling his way around, and he made some plays, and you could definitely feel his presence,” Rams coach Sean McVay said Tuesday when asked how the team’s two new stars had played in their debuts. “I think for Odell to even be able to get out there and line up is a real credit to him. We didn’t even have one full-speed practice with him. So, these next 12 days will be really important to get him implemented, get him up to speed, and figure out a plan of attack to maximize our offensive players, and to play better than the way that we have these last couple of weeks. That’s where my focus and concentration will be over the next few days.”

6 responses to “Sean McVay: Next 12 days important for Odell Beckham, Von Miller

  1. OBJ may or may not study the playbook. Knowing a designed route isn’t important to a creative freelancer like OBJ. It’s up to Stafford to know telepathically what OBJ is thinking and where he’s thinking of going. T

  2. I’m a Rams fan, but this was coach-speak. I hope McVay took OBJ out back behind the woodshed for not finishing a route because OBJ thought he wouldn’t be the intended receiver. I’m willing to cut Von Miller some slack, first game back after injury. But OBJ’s no-effort unforced error is something that needs to checked immediately. Hopefully he also got a stern talking to from his friends in the locker room. We don’t give up on plays – that dog doesn’t hunt.

  3. I figured we’d watch the game last night until it became too painful to see the Rams pound the Niners. Wow, were we wrong! I called it that the first Rams play would be a pass to OBJ, though I don’t think it says anything positive that McVay thought he needed to not only do that, but to have Stafford throw to OBJ way downfield. It was laughable how OBJ had given up on that play well before the ball got there. Well, laughable for non-Rams fans anyway. This OBJ acquisition was a bridge too far in this Rams superteam experiment. This is subtraction by addition.

  4. Dream team my butt, this defense is not good. Too many chiefs and no Indians….Stanford is not worth all those pics.One and done, IF they make the play offs!

  5. McFly is like most NFL coaches he thinks he can cure OBJ ill’s. That total diva isn’t going to change for anyone. We can all stand by and watch the train wreck.

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