Stephen Jones was not a fan of Dak Prescott powering his way into the end zone

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With the Cowboys leading 36-3 late in the third quarter on Sunday, Dak Prescott lowered his shoulder and collided with three Falcons defenders on his way into the end zone to score a rushing touchdown. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones was not cheering.

Jones said that at that point in the game, he’d much rather see Prescott prioritize keeping himself healthy over expanding the Cowboys’ lead to 43-3. Asked on 105.3 The Fan if he was thrilled by Prescott’s run, Jones answered, “It was actually the opposite.”

Let’s don’t do that,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “But certainly, I mean, that’s Dak. At the end of the day, we have to protect Dak from Dak, but he’s the ultimate competitor.”

Jones said he admired Prescott’s competitive spirit while also hoping Prescott can rein it in at the right times.

“We’re so fortunate to have him, but I will say I hope we don’t see that much the rest of the year,” Jones said.

Prescott probably should have taken better care of himself, but if the Cowboys don’t want Prescott doing everything in his power to get into the end zone, perhaps coach Mike McCarthy should have pulled Prescott from the game before then.

17 responses to “Stephen Jones was not a fan of Dak Prescott powering his way into the end zone

  1. Given the number of devastating injuries that occur in the violence of football, I have never understood why coaches leave in top players long after the game has been decided. This goes for both teams winning and losing. Makes no sense to me…

  2. “Jones said that at that point in the game, he’d much rather see Prescott prioritize keeping himself healthy over expanding the Cowboys’ lead to 43-3”

    So maybe have the coach put the backup QB in at that point if you don’t want to risk Prescott.

  3. Yes, Duh. Why was he still in the game, and why is the play call (or the option for the QB to do so) to run for the endzone?

    He should not have been in the game, and/or it should have been handed off when you’re already leading by 33 points.

  4. I thought the same thing when I saw that. This is the same guy who injured his calf throwing a pass.

  5. There’s good and bad with this.
    The good is that you have quarterback who is competitive every minute he’s on the field, regardless of the score or situation. No Bridgewater shyness of contact on Prescott’s end, the fight is always there. Other players can’t help but see that and internalize that for themselves. Leadership is real.
    The bad is that you a coach that doesn’t recognize you don’t keep your starting quarterback, who has that competitive drive, on the field late into a game that is no longer competitive.
    Not only does Mike McCarthy finds ways to lose winnable games, he even finds ways to lose in games that his team wins.
    They were lucky Dak didn’t get hurt on that play. Counting on luck is not a good strategy for success.

  6. minime says:
    November 16, 2021 at 11:12 am
    Isn’t that what you pay him for?


    No. You pay him to win football games, and the game was already won.

    So, either your post was disingenuous garbage or trolling.

  7. It was obviously a blow out. Why was he still in the game at that point? It was Cooper Rush time.

  8. I would have taken most starters out after the first possession of the 2nd half. Having said that, watching Dak do what he did on that run….it meant something to him and, damn it, I like it!

  9. I honestly held my breath when Dak took off for the end zone. I’m thinking last week’s game vs Denver had everyone playing with a chip on their shoulder to prove a point but I would rather keep Dak safe and not risk unnecessary injury.

  10. You play the same for 60 minutes. Especially considering the team didn’t show up for the Broncos game. I am very disappointed that Stephen Jones said that.

  11. Brady is really good at QB sneaks – he gets low and avoids the major contact. I’ve seen a good number of QB sneaks this year that were awful where QBs just set themselves up for big hits. This wasn’t a “sneak” but the idea of keeping your QB healthy is the same.

    For all the tough guys wondering why Jones said that, you’re probably the first to criticize Dak getting his big contract. A QB is a valuable resource. Just like you don’t ask him to punt or kick FGs, why ask him to run it in at the goal line?

    It’s not about toughness or desire or competitiveness, it’s about keeping your QB on his feet so that he can help you win games. That’s smart.

  12. It’s kind of incredible how the team can win 43-3 and yet McCarthy still manages to do something that makes just about everybody say, “This guy is such a terrible coach.” Cowboys were up by FIVE scores before that Dak TD, absolutely no reason for any starter to still be in the game at that point.

  13. If it was the last play of the super bowl, and you were down by 5 points, you’d love what Dak did. But it was regular season and you were up by 33. It was still only the 3rd quarter. It wasn’t like there were 3 minutes left in the game. I see where Jones is coming from. But Dak has a locker room full of teammates who love what he did. Dak is the team leader. If he’s in the game, he’s going to lead. I guess I held my breath for a few seconds, too, but he ended up ok. Maybe the next time Jones will tell his coach to put the backup in with a 33 point lead.

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