As Frank Gore prepares for his boxing debut, he’s open to returning for a Super Bowl run

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The man who stands at No. 3 on the all-time rushing list is now preparing for his debut as a boxer, on December 18 in Tampa. On Tuesday, Frank Gore participated in a press conference to hype his fight against basketball player Deron Williams.

“Football and boxing are totally different,” Gore explained. “When you watched me play I never really got hit. That’s why I was able to last so long. I played off of angles. Now with boxing I’m going in there with guys that have had 300 amateur fights, are 10-0 as pros. So I can’t just dodge all the shots they are throwing because they have more ring experience.”

When Gore climbs into the ring next month, it’ll happen against a guy who has limited experience, like him. As Gore continues to get ready for the event, he’s learning one key difference about boxing training.

“I would say jogging has been the toughest thing,” Gore said. “In football we never jogged. We always did sprints and pulled the sled but I had to really train myself to jog. I had to put my mind somewhere else and work on it.”

We’ll see in about a month if it works. His football career definitely did. And it’s just a matter of time before Gore gets a bust in Canton.

Speaking separately to, Gore spoke about those who say he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

They don’t know football,” Gore said. “That’s what I say. They don’t know football.”

And even as he focuses on boxing, Gore is leaving the door open to join an NFL team that’s preparing to make a Super Bowl run.

“I might say eff it and go with them,” Gore said.

Plenty of injuries have happened this year, and they’ll continue. As the best teams declare themselves (if they ever do), all it takes is the wrong injury at the right time for a guy like Gore to get one more opportunity.