Baker Mayfield: I’m probably the most beat up I’ve been

NFL: NOV 14 Browns at Patriots
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield added a knee injury to the list of ailments causing him trouble during the team’s loss to the Patriots last Sunday and he discussed his condition with reporters at a Wednesday press conference.

Zac Jackson of noted that Mayfield was limping as he made his way from the facility to the media session and the quarterback called himself “pretty sore” once he did get to the microphone. He said “I’ll be good,” but noted the cumulative effect of adding the knee injury to the left shoulder and foot injuries he was already dealing with this year.

“Probably the most beat up I’ve been. Multiple things, not just one,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield said he didn’t know if he will practice on Wednesday, but the plan remains for him to get the start against the Lions at this point in the week.

37 responses to “Baker Mayfield: I’m probably the most beat up I’ve been

  1. Never been a Browns fan, but I can’t help but root for this guy and team. They may not have it yet but you can tangibly see and feel them moving in the right direction.

  2. Sit him for the Lions game. If Browns can’t beat Lions with Keenum they’re skrewed for sure…!!!

  3. If Bajer doesn’t make it in the league it’ll mainly be due to durability, not talent. Unfortunate

  4. Not a Browns or Baker fan, but you can’t dispute this guy’s toughness. I think a week off may be what he needs to heal up a bit.

  5. Might as well take the week off and rest up. Lions are about as close to a bye as you’re going to get.

  6. I would never even consider trotting him out there against the Detroit Lions. Risk reward. If Cleveland can’t beat the Lions with Keenum they don’t deserve to go to the playoffs. After the Lions is Baltimore and then a bye week. Mayfield need to heal up. Their is no substitute for TIME TO HEAL. What if he suffers further damage to his body?

  7. This guy wasn’t drafted by this regime…why are they hitching their boats to him? He’s not even a top 16 QB in this league. I just don’t get the stubbornness of this coaching staff. Either Keenum is that bad or the owner is meddling in coaching decisions (again). Mayfield is only good when he has direct line of sight with an open receiver. He cannot throw a receiver open and isn’t quick enough in his reads to find a 2nd or 3rd option. He’s a project at best. I agree with the comments that they should have went with Barkley and Jackson instead of Mayfield and Chubb. That decision caused that regime their job…it might cause the current one theirs too if they can’t shake it.

  8. Ive never heard an NFL QB complain about injuries until this scrub. He is not a leader and he is a horrible QB. Injuries have nothing to do with being inaccurate, inability to read a defense pr overthrowing receivers non stop. He did that last year too and he wasnt hurt. If the Browns are serious about winning they need to remove Stefanski from play calling duties and get a new QB. Mayfield is not a quality NFL starting QB

  9. Going to be a tough decision for the Browns. Sign him to a franchise QB contract, franchise him, release him. It will be hard to do to the #1 pick.

  10. Browns upcoming games Lions W, Ravens 2 Losses, Raiders L, Packers L, Steelers L, Bengals W. 7-10 isnt gonna cut it

  11. Lol. Browns fans u realize he is on pace to only throw 17 TD passes right? Boy that is a sure sign of a franchise QB. Only in Cleveland, do they defend the indefensible.

  12. Mayfield holds the ball too long he puts himself in a position to get sacked or hurt and it seems as if the latter is becoming a reality

  13. This team is going nowhere if Stefanski doesn’t get his play calling squared away. 14 pass plays vs 7 runs (4 of those were on the first drive) in the entire first half against a top ranked secondary while averaging over 5 yds per carry on the ground is an embarrassment. He even has Freddie Kitchens saying “what was that?”

  14. If Baker thinks this hurts, wait until he sees how Cleveland low balls him on the contract extension. He thinks he’s worth Josh Allen money ($40m/season), when he’s not even worth Derek Carr money ($25m/season).

  15. I get how Browns fans wanna hold on to Baker cause at least you’ve made the playoffs as of late but trust me, once you pay this guy and the rest of the team becomes average it’s over. 54 starts and nothing special. Just move on now.

  16. Wow. Behind a great offensive line? Maybe he’s beat up because he can’t read defenses, is too short to see over offensive line and inaccurate? Tough dude, but he still can’t bring the team back from a deficit

  17. Then get the ball out quicker. Cleveland will be in a difficult situation with this guy, he’s not worth big money but my guess he think he is.

  18. This kid is not an elite QB he is average at best Joe Burrow eats his lunch !!!!!! I watch both Browns and Bengals games as I live in Ohio and Burrows is a franchise QB not Baker mark it down.

  19. As bad as Mayfield is, and wow is he bad. I dont ever think I’ve seen a starting NFL QB throw for 73 yards, most of the blame is on Kevin Stefanski. The Browns have a great running game, and this clueless wonder keeps on throwing the ball non stop with an awful QB. Thats exactly why the Browns are 5-5, because the Head Coach and Play Caller, doesnt seem to give his team the best chance to win which is running the football and keep his awful defense off of the field. Stefanski should be fired. He is wasting the running back talent and offensive line talent in Cleveland.

  20. “Might as well take the week off and rest up. Lions are about as close to a bye as you’re going to get”.

    That is what the Steelers thought too, be careful when playing a desperate team.

  21. howboutthemcowboys2020 says:
    November 17, 2021 at 1:09 pm
    Browns upcoming games Lions W, Ravens 2 Losses, Raiders L, Packers L, Steelers L, Bengals W. 7-10 isnt gonna cut it
    You sure talk a lot about the Browns for being a Cowboys fan. I can’t for the life of me understand your hatred for Mayfield if you are a Cowboy fan. Baker Mayfield is not an elite qb and Browns fans know that! Stop trying to make it sound like Browns fans don’t know what we got in Mayfield. We know and that is one of the problems the Browns are facing now.

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