FOX to launch a new USFL in April

Baltimore Stars V New Jersey Generals
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Spring football is coming back, with a new version of the USFL that will launch in April and be run by FOX Sports.

Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal reports that a new United States Football League will kick off in April, with FOX Sports as the sole owner of the league.

It’s unclear how similar the new USFL will be to the version of the league that existed in the 1980s and signed many of the top stars of the time. Past attempts to relaunch the USFL have run into complications with copyrights on the names of the USFL’s teams. In June, there was a dispute about who actually had the right to use the name USFL, and it’s unclear whether that dispute has been resolved.

But it is clear that FOX fully intends to launch this spring league and televise its games, with most of them likely to appear on FS1. A couple of notable names are already on board, with Daryl Johnston as Exec VP/Football Operations and Mike Pereira as Head of Officiating.

There’s been no word on where teams will be located and where games will be played.