Healthy Trey Lance hasn’t taken a snap in three straight games

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers
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The season began with a clear impression that 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan would use rookie quarterback Trey Lance from time to time. It happened until it didn’t, and then Shanahan tried to act like he never created that impression. Even though he had.

On Tuesday, Shanahan was asked about the failure to use Lance for only one snap in three straight games.

“I haven’t made that decision [to not use Lance],” Shanahan told reporters. “The only time I did that really was Chicago week. Then Arizona, the game just didn’t go the way we wanted. Going into this game, we didn’t like a lot of the stuff, just matchup wise in terms of what the Rams did, so still had it it up. But we didn’t see it as changing the defense or giving us too big of an advantage, so that’s why we didn’t go with it.”

Shanahan also spoke more generally about Lance’s progression in his rookie season.

“Trey’s got the whole playbook in his head and he was able to do that in training camp,” Shanahan said. “If you work at it, you’re going to learn it all, but it’s about going through at full speed. It’s about going through it at a game-time tempo and going against the blitzes and all that stuff that can surprise you and knowing when a play is a good play and when it’s a bad play. When you’ve got to get out of something, when you got to get to the number four choice in the progression, as opposed to the one you practiced in the week. So that just comes with experience and he’s getting more and more of it and you can never get too much.”

Right, but he’s not getting much of that important experience at game-time tempo and with game-sized stakes. Which will make him less prepared in 2022 or 2023 or whenever he becomes the starter.

20 responses to “Healthy Trey Lance hasn’t taken a snap in three straight games

  1. Right on track. Everyone with experience in these things knew Trey Lance was going to take some time and wouldn’t be ready out of the shoot. 49ers drafted based on potential.

  2. As long as they are not mathematically eliminated, he will (correctly) ride the bench. He was NOT drafted for this season.

  3. Getting Trey Lance in the mix was all that was supposed to happen this year. He hasn’t, but probably no one in the 49ers’ organization expected to have 5 losses at this point. This year is about winning, period, and if they can get back into it, JG is who needs to be taking snaps.

    I do not understand why it is SO IMPORTANT to the media for Trey Lance to get in. Lance is for the future; that was said 100 times the week of the draft and since. Garoppolo hasn’t been the reason for the 49ers’ issues; it’s been injuries, again, and a defensive coordinator that has been in over his head, with no DeForrest Buckner or Richard Sherman or even Jason Verrett to bail him out.

    Question: if Lance was backing up Tom Brady, would we be having this conversation? NO WAY.

  4. It was a Terrible draft pick…

    Not the player so much…

    But what they gave up…

    They could have stayed put and got him.

    That is going to set the Ninets back for years

  5. He was the most raw QB prospect in he entire draft. 3 first round picks .. that trade will go down as the worst trade ever. The Patriots stood pat at 15 and Mac Hones fell to them.

    Take of two franchises

  6. ebpatton says:
    Good use of draft capital.

    It’s one thing to miss on a high draft pick. It’s something else again to give away a lot of other draft capital in exchange for the rights to miss on that draft pick.
    Look, it’s very early in Trey Lance’s career. The NFL is a steep learning curve from the Missouri Valley Football Conference, and it may be it will take some time for the switch to turn on.
    However, from what we’ve seen from an admittedly limited sample size this kid has a lot of learning and growing to do. It’s not out of the question that he’s just another in a long line of great athletes and college winners whose game doesn’t translate to the NFL.
    I get why Kyle Shanahan may have decided Lance is nowhere near ready to play, and that throwing him to the wolves too soon might permanently damage him. But I also get why a lot of 49ers fans are more than a little apprehensive right now.

  7. Pretty apparent this guy isnt ready. But sure, lets make it a 40 team league and have more guys out there just like that!

  8. Trading the farm to move up to draft a QB you haven’t even decided on yet, drafting arguably the most raw and undeveloped of all the top options, then not seeming to have a clear idea of what to do with him once you have him.

    If that’s not reality, it sure is perception.

  9. Shanahan wants to win, and actually needs to win to keep his job. Lance is very bad at passing the ball, unless the receiver is wide open (Big 12 style), he simply is not accurate enough to make very many throws and that usually equals losing. Until they are eliminated from the playoffs Lance isn’t going to play except for option plays at the goal line.

  10. Why so much concern about Trey Lance? Garoppolo played a phenomenal game Monday night and the focus should be getting him ready for the next game. When you’re starting quarterback gets in a rhythm such as he did it makes no sense to break that rhythm by putting in your backup quarterback just because he’s a high draft pick for certain plays.
    Trey Lance will get his turn eventually but he should take valuable time now on the sidelines to absorb what is going on the field. It didn’t hurt Aaron Rodgers any

  11. I won’t speak to the pick or player as I honestly have no clue, but plenty of really good QBs had a red shirt year… enough to make you wonder if the patience is warranted. I wouldn’t put too much stock into him not playing this season. Next season on the other hand, if he’s still behind someone who isn’t the answer, that says a lot more about the why.

  12. How can anyone judge Trey Lance on his pro football body of work? One start?

    If he stinks after a half season

  13. This talk did NOT exist with Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes. Media seems to have HUGE hatred for Jimmy G. Trey Lance will get his time. If Kyle Shanahan, who has a good track record with quarterbacks, says Lance isn’t ready — and he hasn’t looked ready in his appearances — who are we to say Lance is ready to go? We’re not coaches, not watching him in practice.

  14. way too early to say anything. Give him time to develop, or not develop. Rushing him in before he’s ready isn’t helpful. He was very raw coming out of college, by far the most out of all of them.

  15. Only a fool starts a new draft pick during his first season at QB. Few have succeeded immediately. The ones that did have ultimately floundered.

  16. I doubt that Lance will be ready next year.
    49ers, keep Jimmy G. until his contract is up.

    Jimmy G. is not the problem.

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