Jared Goff out of practice, Tim Boyle running Lions’ first-string offense

Indianapolis Colts vs Detroit Lions
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As Lions quarterback Jared Goff deals with an oblique injury, backup quarterback Tim Boyle is currently running the first-string offense at practice.

Lions coach Dan Campbell told reporters today that Goff is day-to-day with his injury, and Boyle is QB1 while Goff is out.

Boyle has been on injured reserve since injuring his thumb in the Lions’ final preseason game, but he has been cleared to return to practice and could be activated at any time. He would likely start if Goff can’t play on Sunday against the Browns, and David Blough would be Boyle’s backup.

The 27-year-old Boyle originally entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent with the Packers in 2018 and spent three seasons with them while playing only in mop-up duty on kneeldown plays. The Lions signed him to a one-year contract this year.

20 responses to “Jared Goff out of practice, Tim Boyle running Lions’ first-string offense

  1. The beginning of the end for Jared in Motown. Boyle is willing to go vertical. Reynolds will be in the lineup. Decker knocked off some rust. Jamaal Williams will be back to relieve some pressure. If the passing game becomes even moderately effective under Boyle, Goff won’t see the field again this season.

  2. There is a reason why the Rams had to give a 1st rounder to go along with Goff to get him off their team. He cannot read defenses, Boyles is an upgrade at the position and actually gives them a much better shot to get that one win.

  3. $2,139,412 under the cap, and this is all they have at backup QB? Oh, you ever-unwise Lions…

  4. This is the end for Goff. The coach cant stand him and they need to win some games this year. Happy Turkey Day!!

  5. Tim Boyle has very good arm strength and a really strong work ethic. I’m a packer fan and enjoyed his work and growth from a walk-on here. He could be good. Very strong arm.

  6. Hope they don’t go and Jets themselves out of that number 1 draft pick. Jared Goff is the best man to earn that pick.

  7. This could be an upgrade after the way Goff has been playing. If the Lions win this week (cough) Goff may not see the field again. But I think the Lions are on the hook for some of Goff contract next season.

  8. Boyle and Blough are the backups?! Obviously the plan in Detroit going into this season was to lose as much as possible, or they couldn’t find a decent veteran backup that wanted to play for the Lions.

  9. Goff is Harrington reincarnated, he has no confidence and doesn’t want to be here. Campbell needs to save us and sit him down and eat the 30 million next year after he cuts him. My fear is Holmes and Campbell are not in lockstep on this and Holmes may need to go out with the trash… Spielman takes over GM and we build this thing right. ONEPRIDE🦁

  10. stack44 says:
    November 17, 2021 at 12:55 pm
    Shifting deck chairs on the Titanic…
    That part happened during the Patricia era. This year it’s the start of the salvage operation, but it’s too early to say whether the captain of the salvage boat is competent. Being the Lions (saying this as a Lions fan), it’s more likely that the salvage boat will end up sinking

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