Jarvis Landry feels the pressure’s on to go on a winning streak

NFL: NOV 14 Browns at Patriots
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After Odell Beckham signed with the Rams, his former teammate Jarvis Landry posted on social media that he’d meet Beckham at the Super Bowl.

The Browns were blown out by the Patriots after that post, which gave them four losses in their last six games and a 5-5 record on the season. Neither of those things screams Super Bowl run and Landry conceded that “it’s a narrow window” to make those dreams come true on Tuesday.

Stacking together wins would make for a bigger opening for the Browns and Landry said that has to start immediately.

“If the pressure was never on, I think it’s on now to be able to go on a streak here and win every last one of them,” Landry said, via Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com. “It starts this week with Detroit.”

Landry has 17 catches for 139 yards since returning from injury in Week Seven and said he doesn’t know why the passing game has not been more productive of late. Changing that would be one way to boost the chances of going on the kind of winning streak that would assure the Browns of a place at the postseason table.

6 responses to “Jarvis Landry feels the pressure’s on to go on a winning streak

  1. Oh good, Jarvis is feeling the pressure. Maybe, it might be about 10 weeks late. News for Jarvis, this browns fan thinks a snowball in you know where has a better chance. Good luck with that. You’ve lost me, and no win against Detroit is going to change anything. We sat through 1-31 because we ridiculously thought things would get better. Better be careful Browns, your 1 more crappy performance away from wholesale loss of your fan base. I love the Browns, I just don’s like this team. Players and coaches come and go, I am stuck with them.

  2. Is this a new feeling, Jarvis?
    The Pats just sucked your team’s soul, like they have done to so many before.
    Atlanta still hasn’t recovered theirs, and New England is about to vaporize it again!

  3. The passing game is garbage because you and OBJ are garbage, and stefanski has given up being creative.

    What we saw to open the chiefs game was amazing, all that creativity is now gone from the offense.

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