Robert Saleh: Joe Flacco’s “steadying experience” made him choice to start

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On Monday, Jets head coach Robert Saleh said that quarterback Mike White “deserves better” than to be “anointed the next coming” after his starting debut by the same people who wanted him thrown away after throwing four interceptions in last Sunday’s loss to the Bills.

While Saleh might feel that way, he didn’t feel White deserved another chance to start for the Jets. Saleh confirmed at his Wednesday press conference that Joe Flacco will get the start against the Dolphins this weekend while Zach Wilson continues to recover from his knee injury.

Saleh explained that Flacco’s extensive NFL history was the reason he got the nod over White.

“One of the reasons we went out and got Joe was for the experience part of it,” Saleh said, via the team’s website. “Not only for the playing ability or for the room, but also for situations just like this. Miami has a dynamic coverage system as it pertains to [Cover] 0 and all the different coverages they run and Joe has kind of been there, done that. Just kind of a steadying experience that we thought would put us in the best position to win.”

Flacco’s experience includes going 21-of-44 for 186 yards and an interception in a 20-0 Jets loss to the Dolphins last season.

11 responses to “Robert Saleh: Joe Flacco’s “steadying experience” made him choice to start

  1. Joe Flacco played well for the Eagles in the pre-season. He certainly looked like an NFL starting QB and has probably been written off too early. Was arguably the best Jets QB last year. Good guy and teammate too. Hope he does well.

  2. Seems like what they are really doing is protecting Zach Wilson as “the franchise QB”. There has been too much chatter of White as actually better than Wilson and the Jets will look bad if he beats him out. They will trade or release White immediately after the season.

  3. He gives them the best chance to win Period. The other guys can sit and learn for the rest of the year.

  4. Sometimes it’s not the coach that can’t make the player better – sometimes the player just isn’t that good.

  5. Winning or losing individual games means nothing for the Jets this season. Right now the only thing that matters is the development of the young players on the roster. If having Flacco play qb while Wilson is hurt helps to develop Moore and Carter than it’s the right call.

    Now why he wasn’t on the roster at the start of the season is an entirely different question.

  6. Preseason – Game 6 veteran presence not required and Flacco doesn’t fit the system.
    Game 1 – 6 – Wilson bad
    Game 6 – Wilson hurt
    Game 6 – Game 8 (Qtr 1) – White great
    Game 9 – White bad
    Coach Saleh says White still deserves his chance
    Game 10 – White not enough to play. Play veteran Flacco for veteran presence

    Jets – circle of stupidity

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