Bobby Wagner wants DK Metcalf to control his narrative

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
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Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf was ejected from last Sunday’s game after getting into a post-play altercation with Packers players and it isn’t the first time that an emotional outburst has led to the wideout being penalized this season.

Linebacker Bobby Wagner said that he doesn’t “think anything that has happened is out of the norm” for a young player, but that he has spoken to Metcalf because football “is a passionate game, a game played with a lot of emotions, and sometimes you need a person to bring you back in.” He said that he wants Metcalf to understand that what happened against the Packers “was bigger than it needed to be” and cited former teammate Richard Sherman‘s experience as an example for Metcalf.

Wagner recalled Sherman’s postgame interview with Erin Andrews after the Seahawks beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game following the 2013 season. Sherman knocked a pass away from Michael Crabtree and then called him a “sorry receiver” during a brief and bombastic statement.

“I think it’s very similar to Sherm,” Wagner said, via Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune. “After Sherm made that play, everybody’s was looking and watching and they created this narrative that Sherm was this angry player that none of his teammates liked. But if you spoke with every teammate and you spoke with every person — and I’m pretty sure you guys would share the same sentiment — he was an amazing person, a caring person, a thoughtful person. So that’s just kind of the message. To control your narrative.”

After his ejection, Metcalf said he’s “tired of losing” when asked why he lost his cool. The 3-6 Seahawks have done too much of that in 2021 and doing something to change that narrative might have a positive effect beyond the standings.

11 responses to “Bobby Wagner wants DK Metcalf to control his narrative

  1. If he doesn’t like being 3-6, then he better not resign with Seattle, they are headed for rough times.

  2. Why is it that WR’s consistently seem to believe they aren’t the team. The team is losing. You’re part of that. Stop acting like you’re the only one affected. Don’t like losing, don’t act like a loser.

  3. With age comes more knowledge. It will be a disservice if that knowledge isn’t passed along to the younger generation.

  4. It’s always the same, only the names change. Gee Metcalf, I’m sure you’re the only Seahawk who is tired of losing. Just think if 50 Seahawks lacked discipline because they too are “just tired of losing”. Try being mentally stronger not just lift weights

  5. Wow. That’s pretty sage advice. I wish I wasn’t surprised by the source, but I am. I have likely misjudged Wagner, though, because a man can’t just poop that out – that advice definitely comes from within.

  6. I’m not buying the “I’m sick of losing” crap…

    He just isn’t getting the ball, and he is aggrevated about it.

    He lost all through college… one rough patch in the pros shouldn’t set him off.

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