Cam Newton giving away 50 tickets, wants Panthers to reclaim their stadium

Carolina Panthers v Cleveland Browns
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Cam Newton is back as the Panthers’ quarterback, and he wants to bring back home-field advantage for Carolina.

Newton said today that he’s working with his production company and organizations in the Charlotte area to identify fans who haven’t had access to Panthers games before and giving them free tickets in an attempt to grow the Panthers’ fan base.

“I’m going to give away 50 tickets to the people who have rarely been to a game or have never been to a game,” Newton said. “I’m partnering with the Panthers and doing this. I’m adamant about, this Sunday is important to us. We need to reclaim Bank of America Stadium. I know the success hasn’t been there, but we ain’t talking about the past. I’m talking about the things here moving forward.”

Home-field advantage has declined across the NFL, and the Panthers are no exception: They’re 2-3 at home and 3-2 on the road this year, and they were better on the road than at home last year as well. Newton thinks appealing to a broader fan base can help change that.

14 responses to “Cam Newton giving away 50 tickets, wants Panthers to reclaim their stadium

  1. Wow, what a novel idea. Great to hear the Panthers are partnering. People with no chance of attending otherwise, will be eternally grateful for the experience. Success on the field will only enhance the closeness to the citizens who feel disconnected.

    This is one way to give back.

  2. Why is everyone so shocked that home field advantage has declined when just last year, teams were playing in front of card board cut outs of humans?

  3. Herbert will need to gift 55,000 ticket to the people of L.A. in order to give the Chargers any hope whatsoever of having a “home field advantage!”

  4. Charlotte was in the Washington market before getting the team and is a 6 hour drive from a fan base that travels well.
    Sadly there will be a large Washington contingent in the stands even if he gave away 5000 tickets

  5. Whatever home crowd the Chargers get, the Panthers aren’t doing much better. I went to the Vikings game in Charlotte last month and saw more Antoine Winfield jerseys than any current Panther except #1.

    Newton was sitting home at the time.

  6. THIS.

    This is why you bring Cam in to your building (and why you don’t if he aint gonna start).
    If anyone is gonna come in and get the team juiced and giving that extra step it’s Cam.

    How long that lasts……… different question.

  7. It’s become a league wide issue with teams not enjoying the usual home field advantage.

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