Matt Nagy: Bears’ losing streak is no one’s fault other than everybody’s

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The Bears haven’t won a game since October 10 against the Raiders. As they come out of their bye week on a four-game losing streak, coach Matt Nagy says the whole team needs to be responsible for ending that losing streak on Sunday against the Ravens.

Nagy noted that last year the Bears were also on a four-game losing streak heading into their bye — and then they proceeded to lose two more games after their bye. Nagy said he tried to learn from his old boss Andy Reid, who has an excellent record coming off bye weeks, but ultimately he just needs the whole team to buckle down and get ready to play Baltimore.

“We had a bye week last year, too. We lost six games in a row with a bye week stuck in between,” Nagy said. “The only way to get back to it is say, Why is this going on? It’s no one’s fault other than everybody’s. And now we pick the pieces up, and we get a chance to play a great football team that’s really well coached at home. And what are we going to do about it?”

If the Bears don’t do anything about it and go on a run to the playoffs, Nagy has probably just coached through his last bye week in Chicago.

15 responses to “Matt Nagy: Bears’ losing streak is no one’s fault other than everybody’s

  1. His gibberish is quite impressive. That’s the only thing impressive about him though.

  2. I think a 5 year extension is what Nagy needs. He’s right on the cusp of something special there.

  3. I love that. “Guy who has made team worse by the year claims fault belongs to everyone.”

    No coach.
    You are the one who failed to prepare the team.
    You are the one with horrible game plans.
    You are the one completely unable to make changes at half time.

    The roster is OK and you took it and completely failed.

  4. Nagy is in full on job saving mode with ‘everybody’ is responsible comments.
    All fingers point to Nagy and Pace though…time for the next half ass bears regime to start

  5. How does this guy actually coach in the NFL?!! He is a total joke and has been since his first offensive call running the T-formation to honor the Bears great history. Your job is to win games you clown

  6. The bears admitted they didn’t care about losing the second they named Fields starter. They sacrificed everything including winning to satisfy media and fans and so they have to live with it.

  7. Matt Nagy should consider a career in politics. He can work the word salad like no one in Washington.

  8. Hey, this guy was Coach of the Year a couple of years ago. He just needs 5 or 6 more years to right the ship.

  9. I’m really interested in knowing if Nagy really is as bad as Bears fans say or is the roster just so blah that Reid or LaFleur or Belichick would be doing about the same with the team.

  10. At this point I’m just counting down the games left on the Matt Nagy farewell tour, only eight more to go

  11. A true leader would take full responsibility for the state of his team and pass the the buck

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